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Re: Questions to Netscape about JavaScript:

At 11:31 13/01/96 -0800, you wrote:

>I don't think we can do lights in JavaScript. We'll need to write a
>different book for that.

Maybe Java <G>

>Mine is with Wiley, and follows their HTML Sourcebook "line."  Danny
>Goodman's is with IDG.  Don't know who
>will publish Andrew's book.  I'm sure all of these will be very good,
>knowing the authors.  

Seems like the field is getting very busy. Guess the problem now is dealing
with the 2.0 -v- 2.1 release issues. Just finished the new "Teach Yourself
Netscape Web Publishing in a Week " for sams.net, myself.

What fun writing during beta testing is <G>

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