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Accessing server-side files: A Counter


As with everyone else I'm playing around with JavaScript, seeing just how
useful it is and what the limits are.

My test project at the moment is something simple and straight forward: A
graphic page-hit counter. :)  You know what I'm talking about of course.

Anyway, the graphics portion is straight forward enough with GIFs 0-9 and a
BLANK.GIF.  The problem is storing the page count on the server.  The
Netscape info is more than a little vague on this and I'm entirely sure it's
at all possible.  Any one with ideas? I'm looking for a solution not
involving any server-side CGI, naturely. Or else what's the point of
JavaScript? -- Could just do it in perl or c/c++. :)


p.s. The comp.lang.javascript group coming up any time soon? :)

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