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Re: JavaScript and e-mail

>It would be real handy to be able to construct and send email from within
>JavaScript. I can't see andy way to do this right now. Such a system would
>avoid a whole lot of CGI trouble when it comes to submitting form. for
>examaple a script could take the value of the fields, place those values
>into the body of a message and send it to an address all without ever
>having to go back to the server.
>If this can be done I would like to know how.
Hmm..  Perhaps you could try changing the window's location URL(I think it
is .href) to a mailto URL.. or you could set the form's action to a mailto...
<form name="whatever" method=POST action="mailto:user@domain";>
This may not work.. but it is worth a try.

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