2004 Obscure Board Candidates

Each declared candidate for the board of directors was given an opportunity to submit a brief candidate statement. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Patricia Bullington-McGuire

Patricia Bullington-McGuire has served on the Obscure Organization's board of directors since its incorporation. She also serves as an officer of the Arlington Heights Civic Association in Arlington, VA, and has previously served as President and member of the board of directors of the Arlington Cooperative Organization, a retail natural foods grocery co-op. She is currently employed by PKR Internet, LLC. She has previously worked in the government relations field for several professional and trade associations in the Washington area. She currently lives in Arlington, VA, with her husband and two children. Ms. Bullington-McGuire brings her years of experience in organizational governance to the Obscure board, and her reelection will provide continuity of leadership as Obscure evolves and grows in the coming year.

Richard Bullington-McGuire

Richard is the founder and current President and Treasurer of The Obscure Organization. He has guided its development since its beginnings in 1995, leading the entity through incorporation and the 501(c)(3) tax- exemption process in 2002. If reelected, he hopes to continue in his leadership role, and promote Obscure's expansion, both in new members and programs. In collaboration with the membership, he hopes to find new ways to promote creativity and community, such as the new mentoring program. In addition to his leadership role in this organization, he owns and operate a for-profit software consulting firm, PKR Internet, LLC. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery, and participates in other community organizations. Richard is webmaster for both the Arlington Heights Civic Association and the Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool. More information about Richard is available at <http://www.obscure.org/~rbulling>.

Steve Busko

Steve started his career in the Navy, serving one tour as a Cryptologic Technician Operator. Seeing the bigger picture of technical progression, he worked his way into the technical sector of DC in 1993. First spending a year as a contracted System Administrator for the Office of General Counsel. He was then brought over to UUNET in 1994 where he served roles varying from Network Engineering, NOC Supervisor, System Administrator, ending with Web Development. By 2000, he had finished both an AAS in Network Specialization and Application Development from NVCC. Also in 2000, he join Cobalt (acquired by Sun) as a Sales Engineer for two years. He now resides at AOL as a Technical Account Manager. On the side, Steve has spent almost two decades enveloping himself with technology. He ran a small Cyberpunk-related mail-order business in 1993 (CyberMatrix) which was listed in Covert Culture 2.0. Was anonymously quoted in Wired magazine (www.wired.com) in the article "The Desire to be Wired". Is the co-founder of a LAN Party group since 1996. He wired his house for home automation. He runs a small hosting service for friends (The Burbclave, www.burbclave.net), since 1997. Non-technically, he's been involved in Real Estate Investing (www.burbclave.com) for two years, involved with ToastMasters and working towards a Business Management degree.

Faisal Jawdat

Faisal's candidate statement can be found at <http://www.faisal.com/statement.html>.

Corwyn Jeffers

Corwyn's candidate statement can be found at <http://www.obscure.org/~corwynj/statement.html>.

Douglas Kruth

Doug's candidate statement can be found <http://www.obscure.org/~dgk/statement.html>.

Colin MacDonald

Colin's candidate statement can be found at <http://www.obscure.org/~colin/statement.html>.