Obscure's Fundraiser and Membership Drive

Obscure is gearing up for a fundraiser and membership drive, and we need help!

Where & When

The event will occur at chiarOscuro on the 13th of December, from 9 PM onward. chiarOscuro is an event happening at The Edge nightclub in Washington D.C., at 56 L St SE (Capitol Hill), Washington DC 20003. Thanks Kelowna for arranging the location!

Please come and show your support!


The goal of this event is several fold:

  1. To raise money to keep Obscure going
  2. To increase our membership
  3. To show off members and users who have done interesting things
  4. To increase awareness of the Obscure community and promote some of our new projects


This is where you come in. Here are some of the things we are planning and how you can help out:


There will be a silent auction for donated goods and services to raise money. The auction starts at 9pm and the results will be announced at 1am. We need:

  • Items to auction off. This can include artwork, CDs, and other merchandise.
  • Services to auction off (washing a car, homecooked meals, cleaning house, etc).
  • People to organize the auction before the event (contact people to donate things, track donations, etc)
  • People to run the auction during the event.

Introducing the Mentoring Program

Obscure's newest program aims to help match up knowledgeable people with people seeking help on creative projects.

People will be on hand during the event to explain how the program works.

Displays of Work

We will be displaying artwork and technological projects during the event so that people can see what we have accomplished so far as a loose knit community. If you are an artist of any nature or have an interesting website or technological project, we would like to show you off! We need:

  • Paintings, sculptures, photography, music, URLs and code.
  • People to watch over the valuables


We also need just generalized help:

  • Other ideas and suggestions for the event
  • Set up and shut down help

If any of this sounds appealing, please contact us!