Amarendra Godbole's presence. Welcome.

Thanks for stopping by. Here you shall find some stuff about me, nothing more. I used to go by the name amunix in my earlier days, but now I prefer coderaptor . Ah, yes, calmbeforethestorm is also something that I like - but it is a bit too long. :-|

I am a programmer, writing software mostly for Linux and other UNIX variants. Needless to say, I write programs in C. Lately, I have developed an interest in knives and flashlights. I haunt candlepowerforums, cpfmp, and bladeforums in search of that "perfect" light and knife, and have met some really good people there. I am an amateur photographer too - and you can find my photos here. My photgraphic equipment includes a Canon A590 Nikon N75 SLR, a Nikon CoolPix 2200 digital camera, and a tripod. All photos are clicked with these. If you intend to use any of my photos', don't forget to give *me* the credit - hey, you did not click them afterall. I did.

Apart from photography, I love reading, sleeping, watching movies, and doing nothing. In case you are wondering, doing nothing is also a highly productive activity. I am active on a couple of mailing lists, notably the linux-india ones and the Chitpavan/Koknastha mailing lists. I am also an active member of CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) aka SPAM. Should you have a SPAM related issue to discuss, drop me a line at amar [AT] india [DOT] cauce [DOT] org.

My new organization is VERITAS India Limited, Pune - now Symantec. Software i18n (or internationalization - 18 is the number of characters between the first i and the last n) Software Security is what I work with these days.

If you are curious to know what is happening in my life day to day - take a look at my journal.

*** [UPDATE] *** More photos are online. Check them out: Drop me a line at amar [AT] obscure [DOT] org if you wish to have a dialogue with me.

Many thanks to The Obscure Organisation for providing this web space. Till I form an opinion on which license to use, this site remains under no license. Feel free to copy, steal, or whatever you feel like doing with it (I am sure you won't feel anything till you reach here. ;-))