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Macintosh problems

I haven't really been following the thread about macintosh problems too
closely, but a simple thing to try is to go to the extensions manager
and chose only system 7.5 extensions.  Then try to load the problem page
and see if that works.  If it does then you have to go through the
painful process of relaoding desired extensions one-by-one, restart, and
try again.

I was having similar problems.  Some SIMPLE js code that I developed ON
THE MAC worked fine as long as I used the open file option. The second I
put it on a server and tried to load it across the net I started getting
the type 11 errors.

Just a suggestion,

  Phil Williams, Ph.D.
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  Children's Hospital Medical Center    "One man gathers what
  Imaging Research Center                   another man spills..."
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  email: williams@irc.chmcc.org
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