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Re: animated GIFs (again), upload charges...

At 06:48 PM 3/11/96 +0000, you wrote:

>So then why does my modem light keep on flashing? Is it just 
>checking something?
>Gordon Mueller

Hi Gordon,

Have to imagine you've got some other activity happening on the line
- since I know our animated GIF has delays of more than 0 1/100's of
a second - usually you can see it cycling from the cache on Netscape's
status bar line. (hopefully soon we'll be shooting other GIF's into that
frame with every update on the JavaScript navBar...)

Sorry to hear you've become a Wolfenet causality - I used to be customer
myself - at the end of Jan. they gave us seven days notice on the new 
'web-transfer' policy, along with an up from 40 bucks to 150 a month for
housing a domain name - I bailed as fast as I could. There are plenty of
other ISP's in the Seattle area that offer unlimited dialup w/unlimited
'web-transfer' - shop around. In fact, I *know* Wolfe's change made quite
a few ISP's happy! 

take care,



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