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Re: Fly in from right banner

To all of you who had had to put up with my typos -- sorry.  I've been
re-reading some of my messages and I'm astonished how bad it's getting.  I'm
working late hours finishing my JavaScript book, and I'm surprised I still
know my name.

-- Fred

At 05:41 PM 3/11/96 -0800, I wrote the following, typos and all:
>In a message some time ago Brendan Eich mentioned that setTimeout caused a
>"memory leak" -- as does eval -- because its string is not cleared, but
>again this is heap related not stack related.
>IAC... as you can see, 14K+ iterations shouldn't be too much of a problem
>for most any script (the average manner makes just 120 iterations a minute,
>the average cliock just 60).  If anyone leaves their browser on one URL for
>that many iterations has got to be insane!
-- Gordon

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