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Re: Hidden field not persisting across reload

No, hidden fields loose their contents on a reload.  Regular text fields
hold theirs.  If you want to use a text field for persistent storage, you
have to "hide" it using some other approach.  The best way is to use frames;
put the beast in a frame you don't show, or push it beyond the margin of the
frame and set that frame window as unscrolling and no resizing.

-- Gordon

At 05:42 PM 3/7/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Never paid much attention to hidden fields, but I thought they were supposed
>to retain their value across a reload/resize?  Maybe not...
>I've cut down a page I was working on to the bare essentials.
>Simply cut & paste this into a new HTML file.
>1- 'SAVE' the value in the text field to the hidden field.
>2- 'CHECK' the hidden field value (it should be fine).
>3- reload/resize the page
>4- the hidden field got wiped out.
>I'm a little dizzy right now, I always took for granted that hidden fields
>persisted.  What have I missed??

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