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Re: Is it just me?

>Come on folks, please quit cross-posting your JAVA questions here!

I have a java SCRIPT questions... but no one has taken the time to answer
them.  For those of you who may have missed them the first time, here is my
post again:


Subject: Shockwave script? and dorky question
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Is there a Java Script that can see if the browser that is acessing a page
has the ShockWave plug-in?  or, and I'm going on third-hand information
here, a script that asks the user if they have the plug-in installed and
sends them to a different set of pages contigent on their reply?

Where can I find it?



In the time since I posted the above, that no one answered, I have come up
with another question.

Can anyone recommend a good book or web-site to explain the elemntary
aspects of Java Script to someone who is new not only to Java Scripting but
programming as well?


(direct replies are OK by me)

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