Christian Death

Transcribed by: John Mc Donagh( with help from Elaine.

These lyrics have been taken straight from the poster "Back to the Womb" that
accompanies some copies of Atrocities. IMO Valors lyrics are quite good on this
LP. Judge for your self...

Will-o'-the-Wisp (Valor) 3:15
	Laughter sipped away tears of stone
	Introducing spies to shadows
	By the bottom of the glass gaiety stopped
	The deaf were told lies by the dumb
	Two shiny magnets began to reign
	Introducing spies to shadows
	A plague in the land hiding under the star
	Delousing ended all songs

	New songs to sing
	Twitching the puppeteer string
	Introducing spies to shadows
	Introducing sad distant hosts to silence
	The tongues like seeds in a vacuum
	Anger echoed within
	Stone words remember 

The Gift of Sacrifice (Valor, B. Galvin) 6:23
	We were swollen lanterns of prey
	Lighting the way for hunger to feast
	Our firm young skin free to befoul
	Caressing intrusion of the beast
	Bodies like toys bargain for favours

		The gift of sacrifice

	Wiping my body never again clean
	Guilt bleeds from taste of my sin
	In my shame are memories of passion
	The one thing of pleasure within
	Bodies like toys bargain for favours

		The gift of sacrifice

	No flowers to spare, she gave herself them
	And when she returned she was, she was
		Still	still
	Bodies like toys bargain for favours

		The gift of sacrifice

Strapping Me Down (Valor, B. Galvin) 2:36 
	Candles burning under secret floors
	When was love ever more wet
	This table is cold, I wish for you now
	Prism eyes no sooner forget
	One hundred and twenty experiments
	Only the lucky were sodomised
	Will I ever awaken with you in bed
	Does your passionate cup still weep

	I was already in pain, My sweat was dry
	The promise of pleasure remained
	Crystal tears embedded in cheeks
	Felt holy men burn me with flames
	Black crosses with wings
	On the arms of the hands
	Wiping brows on the heads of blonde hair
	A wall of faces Strapping me down
			Strapping me down
	A wall of faces Strapping me down
			Strapping me down
			Strapping me down

The Danzig Waltz (Valor) 3:31
	Forever lost is my gentle love
	My lips, like powder in the wind
	Thirsty dreams in the ocean of kiss
	Buried beneath forty years
	In my rebirth I have not forgotten
	Not even that which I wish to forget
	Fields of sleep lay beside you
	You can not feel and my hands are dust
		When memories dance pure
		Sorrow bows in shame	

	Our breath, impressions on a splintered mirror
	Deeper my colourless heart sings
	Our souls search astray
	Torn by the thief of life

Chimere de-si, de-la (Valor) 4:41
	In the presence of love
	Evil remains a mask
	The face of illusion on all sides
	Flaunting abandoned, lovers  
	Restless with the heat
	Pondering moments, ground to fine ash
	When naked flesh had ceased to writhe

	 	Chimere de-ci, de-la

	Hold my hand as we walk this path 
	Through the flowers to the musk of the bath
	Close the door, let the crystals drop
	We shall climb the pyramid of fear
	 	Chimere de-ci, de-la

Silent Thunder (Valor, B. Galvin) 6:32
	My bed is the garden where voices all meet
	Hands skim through the water beneath my pillow
	Stones like rain wash away the hours
	The hands on my clock, sex, wilted flowers

	 	Silent Thunder pries me to sleep
	 	Falling the edge so steep

	And if my eyes shy from the morning
	My lips will taste of unripened fruit
	Words without a language call from the past
	The future was the day before the last

	 	Silent Thunder pries me to sleep
	 	Falling the edge so steep

Strange Fortune (Valor) 3:52
	They preserved elegant paintings
	Pouring wine how bitter the toast	
	Stray rumours told in cafes
	Respect in the enemies eye

	 	Strange fortune

	A warm lovers secret revenge
	Dance of the flowers in stolen perfume
	A glass of champagne, a crust of bread
	Respect in the enemies eye

	 	Strange Fortune

Ventriloquist (Valor) 4:31
	Born amongst beauty, O' Beloved
	Grandeur of the mountains
	Where my eyes were harlots
	His eyes were steel
	He wanted everyone to be as perfect as them
	Such tormented perfection

	 	When everyone spoke
	 	Steel spoke his word
	 	When everyone spoke
	 	Only steel was heard

	Blind diary love rotting in his heart
	Vomiting to sleep, martyrs of his praise
	They wanted everyone to be as perfect as him
	Such tormented perfection

	 	When everyone spoke
	 	Razors cut open ears
	 	When everyone spoke
	 	Deafness mumbled the years

	Never was there perfection
	The mountains are so ashamed
	Beauty is a stranger
	Where ugliness remains

Gloomy Sunday (S. Lewis, R. Seres) 3:01
	Sunday is gloomy, my hours are slumberless
	Dearest the shadows I live with are numberless
	Little white flowers will never awaken you
	Not where the dark coach of sorrow has taken you
	Sunday is gloomy on shadows, I spend it all
	My heart and I have decided to end it all
	Soon there'll be candles and prayers that are sad I know
	Let them not weep, let them know that I'm glad to go
	Angels have no thought of ever returning you
	Would they be angry if I thought of joining you
		Gloomy Sunday

	Death is no dream for in death I'm carressing you
	With the last breath of my soul I'll be blessing you

	 	Gloomy Sunday

The Death of Josef (Valor, David Glass) 4:28
	Men were poring over there loops and whorls
	Short of definite judgement
	Remains, Reportedly drowned
	During the last days awake

	Calm fell to sleep
	Never to rest in peace
	Haunting dream sung by 
	The choir of the dead

	Now the "Angel of Death"
	Is at their mercy
	Suffering the pain of
	Tortured bodies