@ALBUM: Carved In Sand
The Mission

 taken from the photocopied sheet that is sent in reponse to a SASE that
is sent to the address listed in the liner notes
 I corrected the three obvious mis-spellings. All other errors and
inconsistencies are on the original sheet
- Karl W. Reinsch (kwr08495@acuvax.acu.edu)

Music - Adams/Brown/Hinkler/Hussey
Words - Wayne Hussey

@SONG: Amelia

Daddy says "Come and sit on my knee"
Daddy says "You're the only girl for me"
'Cos Amelia, "You're Daddy's favourite girl"
Amelia, "Daddy loves his little girl"

Daddy comes in the dark of night
Daddy say "Don't be scared, it'll be alright"
Amelia, "Daddy hates to see you cry"
Amelia, "You're the apple of Daddy's eye"

Daddy says "Dry your tears and give me a smile"
Daddy says "If you're good I'll hold you awhile"
'Cos Amelia, "You're daddy's precious girl"
Amelia, "Daddy loves to love his little girl"

"Daddy, tell me Daddy,
Is this really love?"

Daddy says "Don't tell Mama what I do to you"
Daddy says "If you do I'll beat you black and blue"
'Cos Amelia, "You make Daddy feel like a man"
Amelia, "Daddy loves you more than Mummy can"

"Daddy, tell me, Daddy,
How can you call this love?"

Damn your Daddy to hell

@SONG: Into the Blue

Mumbo jumbo, listen to the whispers of madness
We have climbed mountains of dust
We have seen gold gather rust
Hocus pocus the stampede of my heart
We have sailed on stars through the air
We have flown on the wings of a prayer
Into the blue, only with you
Into the blue, only with you, into the blue

Gasoline rainbows swimming in the puddles in the street
Whichever way the wind blows we've got the whole damn
World crawling at our feet
Laughing canyons and everglades
Candle flames and razor blades
Dancing through the poppyfields, hand in hand we cascade
Into the blue, only with you
Into the blue, only with you, into the blue

There's a singing dwarf on the streets of New York
There's a shuffling man with plastic on his head
There's a preacher woman crying in the traffic
Crying for the living crying for the dead
The waste of it all, the waste of it all
And there's more at stake than we could ever know
'Cos when we're together we always fall
Into the blue, only with you
Into the blue, only with you, into the blue

@SONG: Butterfly on a Wheel

Silver and gold and it's growing cold
Autumn leaves lay as thick as thieves
Shivers down your spine chill you to the bone
'Cos the mandolin wind is the melody that turns
Your heart to stone
The heat of your breath carving shadow on the mist
Every angel has the wish that she's never been kissed
A broken dream haunting in your sleep
And hiding in your smile a secret you must keep, love
Cuts you deep
Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel
Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

There's no scarlet in you, lay your veil down for me
As sure as God made wine, you can't wrap your arms
Around a memory
Take warmth from me, cold Autumn winds cut sharp as a
And in the dark for me, you're the candle flame that
Flickers to life
Love breaks the wings of a butterlfy on a wheel
Love will break the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

Wise men say all is fair in love and war
There's no right or wrong in the design of love
And I could only watch as the wind crushed your wings
Broken and torn crushed like the flower under the snow
And like the flower in spring
Love will rise again to heal your wings
Love heals the wings of a butterfly on a wheel
Love will heal the wings of a butterfly on a wheel

@SONG: Sea of Love

Mistress of Avalon cast a spell and let the mist draw
Down on me
Slumber in lavender and take the primrose path to the
Eternal sea
The dragon's breath of shadowland
Resting on the waves and drifting across the sand

Maiden of Lorelei, the sweetness of your song calls my
Ship across the blue
Treasure rests upon your shore the seagulls cry for 
Sailors lost on their voyage to you
Harbour lies in your embrace
And my ship sets sail for that resting place
A ship of dreams on the sea of love
And if wishes are stallions
Then kisses are galleons
And dreamers sail on the sea of love
On the sea of love

Angel of evermore my saviour from the heavens above
With healing in your wings
The beauty of the melting snow the perfume of the
Mountain flower springtime brings
The ocean wave on desert shores
The coast the ship of dreams explore
Dreamers sail on the sea of love
On the sea of love

@SONG: Deliverence

Believe in magic believe in lore legend and myth
And the hand that guides in the cunning of hope
In the weaving of dreams
And the lady of the lake takes my hand and leads me
To the holy isle and the fairy rings and the circles of
Stone forever and again
Give me deliverence
Brother sister give me deliverence deliver me

Surrender to the wisdom of age and the spirits of time
Remember our souls entwined for eternity
And healing hand of the fairy queen will come to all
Who have faith in her
And the apple tree will bear its fruit in the gardens of
Forever and again
Give me deliverence
Brother sister give me deliverence deliver me

Let me sleep awhile and dream of avalon and the Beltane
And a silent kiss steals away into the mist and out to
The lake
Where the sword will rise again from the water into the
Hands of the chosen one the righteous one
Forver and again
Give me deliverence
Brother sister give me deliverence deliver me

@SONG: Grapes of Wrath

The sweat upon his brow and the dirt worked into his hands
The dignity of labour upon a man's own land
The soil of his fathers passes on down through blood to 
A man's right of birth to reap the harvest from his land

The breaking of his back to keep his dream alive
To work the change of season his instinct to survive
The planting of his seed and to see his harvest grow
Gives a pride to a man to reap the harvest that he sows

The land of the free, home of the brave
The heartland of pioneers, the heritage of flesh and blood
And along come the winds that blow through the land
With a price to pay for the working man
Money talks and changes hands
And money reaps the harvest money demands
The grapes of wrath

The can take away his freedom they can beat him into the 
They can burn his home, run him from his land, and leave
him out to gather rust
But they can't take away his faith and his honesty and
pride and the knowledge that he holds inside
One day they'll reap the harvest
The grapes of wrath

There's hope in a man that nothing can destroy
A man will endure anything for the dream that he holds
And there's pride in a man who knows the truth
His faith in the earth he toils for
His honesty for the air he breathes
The truth of the harvest they will reap
The grapes of wrath

@SONG: Belief

All I ever need is the truth but all I ever want is affection
Masquerade as Jesus Christ and suffer the crucifixion
Lips that speak of love eternal come heal my savaged skin
Cast aside all thought of revenge searching for Nirvana within
And God only knows my belief holds strong
That wisdom comes when the heart suffers long
And I'm shedding tears for Judas a kiss may betray
And I'm on the side of angels on the heels of a dream a ghost
to lay

A hard rain may fall and a cruel wind may blow
The moon may be pale and I may never know
The need for silence but I can see hope in the wind in the
Lay belief on me my angel child

The actor and the poet martyr castles carved in sand
Delight and the promise of Eden lay in the touch of your hand
As sweet as sin sweeter still the taste
The way of all flesh lay me to waste
And heaven knows that the meek shall inherit the earth
Lay belief on me my angel child

Behold a silent ocean in a precious grain of sand
And if I have to explain then you'll never understand
My petals are strewn scattered by the breeze
It's whispered in the wind echoes through the trees
Love's a disease and it rips me apart
Come heal my ravaged heart
Lay belief on me my angel child

@SONG: Paradise (Will Shine like the moon)

Hey sister moonshine ride the snake with me
Ride it long ride it hard
Ride it all the way with me
Hey sister moondance charm the snake for me
Charm it long charm it hard
Charm the skin from its back for me

And paradise will come tonight
In the comfort of your arms and the ritual and
The rite
And paradise shines so bright
Lead me a dance of veil in the silver of the
Moonlight and paradise
Paradise will shine like the moon tonight

Hey sister moonchild the wolf is howling at the moon
He howls long he howls hard
Howling for you sister moon
Hey sister moonshine hold me 'til the break of dawn
Hold me long hold me hard
Hold me 'til the shadows fade away

Hey sister moonlight kiss me with your honey lips
Kiss me long kiss me hard
Kiss me 'til my honey drips
Hey sister midnight love is over with the rising sun
Love me long love me hard
This could be forever if you love me right

@SONG: Hungry As the Hunter

Dressed as seduction curious and cruel
She steals her way into your trust
And first you want her kiss and then you want her more
And then she'll have you crawling in the dust
Don't speak to me of dignity don't speak to me of love
Don't talk to me of sanctity don't talk to me of love
She's hungry as the hunter and she's shooting for the 
She's hungry as the hunter and she shoots to kill

The swastika a grinning skull tatooed on your arm
The needle and the damage done
The heresy of romance with the lady in white
And the beautiful and damned die young
Don't count on me for sympathy don't come to me for love
Don't talk to me of liberty don't talk to me of love
She's hungry as the hunter and she's shooting for the 
She's hungry as the hunter she shoots to kill

You've gone to the devil god rest your soul
A shot in your arm is like a knife in my back
Addiction to the lady coursing through your veins
She holds the whip you love to crack
Don't talk to me of serenity don't talk to me of love
Don't speak to me of divinity don't speak to me of love
She's hungry as the hunter and she's prowling like the
She's hungry as the hunter she'll track you down
She's hungry as the hunter and she's shooting
For the thrill
She's hungry as the hunter she shoots to kill

@SONG: Lovely

I believe in angels
I believe in heaven
I believe in colours
I believe in sunshine
I believe in laughter
I believe in crying
I believe in magic
I believe in dreams
I believe in lovely
I believe in friends
I believe in love
I believe in peace
I believe in children
I believe in deliverence
I believe in me
But most I believe in you