@ALBUM: God's Own Medicine

The Mission U.K.- Gods Own Medicine

Track list:
  1. Wasteland (5:42)
  2. Bridges Burning (4:08)
  3. Garden of Delight (Hereafter) (3:42)
  4. Stay With Me (4:37)
  5. Blood Brother (5:16)
  6. Let Sleeping Dogs Die (5:53)
  7. Sacrilege (4:45)
  8. Dance on glass (5:10)
  9. And the dance goes on (4:10)
 10. Severina (4:15)
 11. Love me to death (4:38)
 12. Island in a stream (5:25)

These lyrics come from me listening to the songs and writing down what I hear.
They are in no way "official". Lyrics in {} are questionable.
Corrections, comments: d_caldwell@qlc.com
                       (David Caldwell)

@SONG: Wasteland

There's a crystal view from my window
And I can see years to come
I live for the burn and the sting of pleasure
I live for the sword, the steel, and the gun
I can tear down the walls, storm them barricades
Run to the place where the frightened crawl
Desire lurks beyond good and evil
So dance on the graves where the hammer falls

Over this land
All over this wasteland
Over this land
All over this wasteland

You can touch, but please keep your distance
You're innocent and pure and with no shame
The spirit is willing, and the flesh is great
Your teasing your torment with the pleasure of pain


Heaven and Hell, I know them well
But I haven't yet made my choice
I'm feeling dead 'cause I'm shouting loud
And NO ONE can hear my voice
Walking the tightwire, can't look down
Strung out high, above you all
Faithful wind blows through this land
Howls my name, Hell is my fall.

(spooky music)

@SONG: Bridges Burning

(Screaming people)

Snow blind, dog tired
Snow blind, and barb wired
Last chance in the jungle trance
And the fast step of the monkey dance craze
war paint, misty days and dizzy faint
Keeping the faith, spinning turning
Watch the flames
Of bridges burning!

Turning colors and shedding skin
Shining brightly, thick and thin
Mirror of God, legend and myth
The fatal charm of the treasure
Gift wrapped and heaven sent
So trapped on islands of intent
Avenging angel of the wild and yearning
Stoke the flames
Of bridges burning!

It burning me over!
Bridges burning!

Burning, drives me wild
Yearning for the small child
Blind men cry, but shed no tears
See no evil, speak in tongues
And hear you say, "Lovers Leap"
Cos there's NO other way across waters deep!
Feel the fire and the fool is learning
To run from the flames
Of bridges burning!

@SONG: Garden of Delight

I see your dancing, laughing, naked
Sweet and pretty face
And the promise, burning brightly
In your crystal-shot eyes
Your savage, and violent flesh,
The cut that bleeds, the kiss that stings
We're shooting up stars and desperate snows
That fall from shimmering skies, So

Take my hand and lead me
To the Garden of Delight
Take my hand and lead me
To the Garden of Delight

Revelation is laid, and reflects
On the windswept liquid mirror
Of this breathless world, this Happy Death
This elegance in charm
The treasured first fleeting touch of a gracious stranger
In-charmed me and entranced me
I know you can do me no harm, so


We're playing with fire, dancing in the flames
And we're covered in burns that may never heal
And angels may come, and angels may go
But it's heaven on earth when you


@SONG: Stay With Me

Books and covers and part time lovers
Spinning in rooms in cities of rust
I'm stranded struck out on this line
There's smoke and fire and steel and wire
And glass and spire and dust
One to the floor at dawn with lips tied and drawn
Sleepless nights spent, with angels heaven sent

Stay with me, lay with me, lay down by my side
Stay with me, lay with me, take me deep inside
Lay with me, stay with me, lay with me stay...
With me...
Stay...With me

All of us lying there in the dreams
Speak of days and another place
I wander as the gypsy under a {bad penning room}
Speak of time, and another face
They would in languid cry a fleeting furtive sigh
From the cradle to the grave live to desire and crave


I'll laugh for you, and I'll dance for you
But don't ask me to shed any tears when I have to go
You are a joy and a pleasure to love and to hold
Your promises, are as pure as the driven snow
Passing shapes in the night the touch distraut and light
As you brightly shine, your love tonight is mine


@SONG: Blood Brother

I gave you flowers and you gave me faith
We are minds and hearts that move as one
Chameleon, warrior, gypsy and brave
But turn our eyes to the heart of the rising sun

You and me, we are blood brothers
You and me, we are blood brothers
Blood brother, lay down your life for me
Lay down your love for me

Kiss by kiss, touch by touch
We talk of clouds that {walked, rocked}
You took my hand and walked me through the rain
And act of love, mission and tender mercy
We stood tall and proud together we cant get hurt again


We {pull} your punch and we gave 'em hell
The feelings dry and the chains will tell
Manors and sand and seas and land and with the winds to come
And we rose again to win the war to rule and reign and harvest soil
Hands held high, stars in the sky and we kissed the ever faithful lome
I {spray} your love

Father, your a good man and honest man, a saint not heard
Mother, I wish I could tell you I love you
Sister, you're a goddess and I want you to take me to Heaven
Blood brother, You're a hand in my heart and your innocents lay battered and bleeding


God, I feel so strong but I just want to break down and cry
Father, I feel so strong but I just want to break down and cry
Brother, I feel so strong but I just want to break down and cry
Father, I feel so strong but I just want to break down and cry
God, I feel so strong but I just want to break down and cry

@SONG: Let Sleeping Dogs Die

There's the crime of passion
And the crime of revenge
But the worst crime of all
Is the crime of regret
Speak of the devil
And the devil may speak of you
Why can we
Let sleeping dogs die

Deep, it cuts deep
And the affection it grows
And heaven only knows
What you were to earth
And the giving birth
To the giving rounds of judgement
And by fact of reason you accuse of treason
Claim betrayal to the Holy Ghost
Of the sacred past
Its fading fast and forever

You took my hand
And turned it over
Why cant we let sleeping dogs die
No devil so dark
As the devil I knew
There's no love lost
And no reason why

Talk, of faith you talk
But you were the one
{Intents I'm stunned}
You took my glory and pride
Sanctity defied
And you never knew
What the gods could bring
By playing the game
Of whose to blame
It gets harder all the time
To put my trust in you
So Reverend please,
Let sleeping dogs die

Let sleeping dogs die
Let sleeping dogs die

@SONG: Sacrilege

Terror strewn across the floor
Fate creeps under the creaking door
Say farewell to this Holidays
Until now for the needle haze
Scars... Scars start to show
But don't... Don't despair for the shame I know

Bible for the loving damned
Religion for the pagan man
Faith and prayer for the chosen few
Mystic shades of violent hues
Blood... Blood on my cheeks
And the Taste... The taste of ash kills cross my tongue

Sacrilege! Burning on the funeral path!
Sacrilege! Toss and turn on the cross to burn!

Rape and pillage the sacred word
Heart of darkness ground and stirred
Ride a posse's reckless woe
Fruit for being {and ritual slow}
You... What can you do?
And I... I say there's nothing you can do to stop this

(repeat 1st verse-but scream it!)

@SONG: Dance On Glass

Run you ragged
Torn and Jagged
Sharp tongued, ripped and ragged
Couldn't find the party line
Gee whiz its happy time
Mirror, mirror, reflects me hazy
The heats on, I'm running round crazy
Here's the road, didn't miss a trick
While you trash the punch and kick
I'll kiss the lips that sealed your fate
I'll bring you flowers and place them on your grave

Dreaming of colors, swamped in dust
Sweet dreams all covered in rust
Looking at heaven {gladdest ghosts in}
Turn to kill this crazy dream
You are revered for your work with incant mirrors
You are renouned for bringing me steel and powder

So dance, dance -- Dance on
Dance, dance, dance -- Dance on glass
Dance, dance -- Dance on
Dance, dance, dance -- Dance on glass

Shadow Boxing -- Mild and meek
Send me flowers -- Tongue in cheek
Medicine man cast a spell
Head spins round, kiss and tell


Cheeks on fire -- Dance onglass
A touch of magic, a hint of class
Dress in leather, play in the dark
Pain and torture leave their mark
Take no prisoners, smash the light
Lunatic fringe, kiss and bite
Wild promise, cheeks are red
Battle cry, and then its off to bed
You've taken my heart and ripped it from my sleave
Hold it in your hands,
Grip your fingers and it starts to bleed!

You shudder at a touch.

@SONG: And the Dance goes On

Its no shot in the dark
And no trick of the lights
You tease me, adore me
Talkin' dirty, sitting pretty
Lay me down and annoint my wounds
{Dust up, Bust up} lets get down to the nitty-gritty

You call on favors promised and sworn
Changing names and changing places
The blade digs deep
And the cut begins to sting
There's more to this than reason
Or the old familiar River Man Rhyme
Take me shame me lead me
To the floor in {heylets swing}

And the dance goes on
And the dance goes on and on
And the dance goes on
And the dance goes on and on and on and on

We're going up in flames
We're burning up in a blaze of glory
Don't put fire into the hands
Of the weak and faint, the weak and frail
Dripping the life fantastic
Let's celebrate our great escape
For goodness sake, its all the same
The sinner and saint, heaven and hell


(repeat last verse)


@SONG: Severina

She's got her head in the clouds
She's got the stars in her eyes
She's dancing with a dream in her heart
She's got the wind in her hair
Moonchild shining bright
And she's dancing, with a dream in her heart

Severina, Severina

She believes in angels,
She believes in will of the gods
And shes dancing amongst the magic dust
She believes in the midnight trance
She believes in love is the law
And shes dancing amongst the magic dust

Severina, Severina

Star child!
Baby born of heaven!
Severina! Severina!

She's got a heart full of promise
She's got a hand in her heart
She's dancing by the light of the moon
She's got a head full of secrets
Sworn to the faith of love on the will
She's dancing by the light of the moon

Severina! Severina!
She's a gift to the gods and shes dancing
Severina! Severina! Severina!

@SONG: Love me to death

Let me come inside your ivory tower
Let me come inside your hallowed walls
God, its heaven in here!
Fix me with your hand of praise
Fix me with your touch of precious thrills
Your fingers dance accross my skin,
Reaching out for the pride of man

Hand in hand, flesh in flesh
We're walking through the fire of love
Breath by Breath, and flame by flame
We burn 'till the sun rises and shines hot
Love come gushing, love runs free
My love comes all over you
My love comes for you.

Love me to death, my flower
Run bare fur through my hair,
Naked on my lips
Love me to death, my precious
Smother me in kisses
Drown me with your waves of falling sweetness

Hold me dear burry me deep
Bless me with your word of savage honor
We love more by fate, than design
So give me your hand and I'll gladly give you my life
A flower, that sways in the breeze
You must be stronger than the winds that blow you away
Blow you away

Love me to death, my precious
Run bare fur through my hair,
Dance wild on my lips!
Love me to death, my flower
Lay me down on your bed of petals,
Cover me with your honey, my blossom!

Love me to death
Love me to death
Love me to death, my flower
Love me to death, my treasure
Run bare fur through my hair,
Dance wild on my lips!
Love me to death, my precious
Love me to death, my love
Turn and taint and punish me softly
Softly love me to death
Love me to death!

@SONG: Island in a stream

The silver moon and a singing breeze
I'm walking out under the stars
Light a cigarette, and watch the smoke
As it chases my dreams away
I turn and gaze out to the sea
And watch as the waves come tumbling in
Off in the distance an angel cries
As the ship of the line comes into bay

I'm just an island in a stream
I'm all at sea, come rescue me
I'm just an island in a stream
I'm all at sea, come rescue me

Building castles, and flying flags
And my lips begin to sting
I feel the sand, beneath my feet
And my hallowing heart begins to sing
The flashing light warns of danger here,
But the ship come on, sailing in
I run for the shores, and away to hide
I need a time and a place to think.


I look around to find a friend for life
Seeking refuge in your arms
Splinters of ice, thin, sharp, and cold
Pierce my freezing skin
I was scared of your embrace
You show me a grave new world
And against the tide and dashed on the rocks
The ship of the line comes on in