@BAND: Leaetherstrip
@ALBUM: Object V EP
@TRANSCRIBED: jester@sage.cc.purdue.edu (Jester)

@SONG: Antius

Sky-high income
A place in the red sun
Depend on the big gun
To play in the big run
You pay, I stay
One day, I pray

Hypocrisy in the land of the free
Hypocrisy and hostility
Hypocrisy in the land of the free
Hypocrisy and stupidity

Driving in fast cars
You know all true stars
Your choice is in first class
You'll end up behind bars
You rise, They fall
You die, That's all

So United States
You kill all your own race
Keep progress to yourself

@SONG: Nosecandy

Faces kill fear
Walls promote destruction
Anyway here is the chemical seduction
Let it go
Just let it go

My brain is dissolving
My veins are exploding

Up in your nose
Attacking your brain cells
Anything goes
In the clan of the brain dead

Taste me
I know when you fell me
Show me your lies

Open your eyes
It is sure relieving
Showing your lies
To see who's deceiving
Let it go
Just let it go

Eat me
Sniff me
Anyway you want me

@SONG: Mohawk

Pride gives to power
To fight those who break it
Washing the dirt off
With blood from the pay-off
Suppress he fee of crime
Or we'll be out of time
Watching, when you take our freedom

Scars of the red skin
Is proof for the beatings
Covering their fears
With paint upon their tears
Switch on the eagle eyes
Fighting, until the war is won

I don't care if you got the answers
I'm not giving you any questions
I don't care if you got authority
I don't trust your leadership anyway
I don't care if you got the bullets
I don't regret any of my actions
I don't need your views on my brutality
You will never see the daybreak anyway

I'm burning
I'm letting it glow
I'm flying
I'm letting it glow

@SONG:  Black Gold

Looking ahead
Watching my empire
Go up in flames
I'm walking on thin ice
Look at my hands
They are covered in grease
Just pay in cash, if you know what I mean

Too much at stake
Hang on to the thin line
Just eat your cake
But keep your hands off mine
I hope you choke on it
I hope it makes you sick
Take off your greedy hands
You fucking prick

You might say
That it's just another fat face
Just move your ass
I'll gladly take his place
I want powers, I want control
I'm sitting on black gold
Black gold