@ALBUM: Spleen and Ideal
^     4:00     De Profundus (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)
      3:06     Ascension
      3:17     Circumradiant Dawn
      5:29     The Cardinal Sin
*^    4:54     Mesmerism
*%    4:14     Enigma Of The Absolute
*& %  5:19     Advent
      4:35     Avatar
*& %  4:14     Indoctrination (A Design For Living)
          CD5 UK 4-A-D CAD512CD
& = In Progress
% = Finished
* = Lyrics in English
^ = Lyrics in unknown language
Bud:[I am not very familiar with the 5 virtues of the Bible.  Let see
     there is LOVE, CHASTITY, PRIDE, LUST, and ENVY.  No, that's the
     five deadly virtues, isn't it.  
     But anyway, the song speaks of four virtues.  I think there are
     five somewhere in the Bible, but I can't find them.  Four bold
     virtues is what we're looking for.  Here is the song as is:

                               (Spleen & Ideal)
                            In the hour of darkness
                            when our worlds collide
                              assailed by madness
                          that has plagued our lives,
                           On the point of departure
                             on the eve of despair
                            the recourse to reason
                        seems to make no sense at all!
                               The light of hope
                             shines in your eyes.
                               Dementia has gone
                              purged from inside.
                           Throughout our wand'rings
                               in a land of lies
                           we fell from God's grace
                            into a sea of storms.
                            In the self-relevation
                              celebration of love
                           these bold four virtues
                          we seem to've left behind.
                               Lay bare your heart
                            induce the will of love
                         to restore what little faith
                            that you may have lost.
                          As morning brings re-birth
                              a new day will dawn
                          to ease our troubled minds.
                            Turn away on your side
                          and dream of days to come...



Saloman hung down her head
Laid bare her heart for the world to see
She craved for intimacy
Through the darkened doors
Her aspect veiled with indecision
Gazed out to sea
She craved lucidity
Cast adrift from past relationships in her life
Hoisted up the ideal
This was her saving grace
Sea's of rage
That once assailed her concern for the truth
Had past her by
And left her high and dry
In her saviors arms
In her saviors arms
In her saviors arms
Across the sea lies the fountain of renewal
Where you will see
The whole cause of your loneliness
Can be measured in dreams
That transcend all these lies
and I wish and I pray
That there may come a day for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms

                          In times of great vexation
              when one must choose between what's right and wrong
                             freedom, so they say,
                   amounts to but the choices you have made!
                           Through all the arbitrary
                         rationale concerning liberty,
                             freedom, I must say,
                      exists within unconditioned minds!
                               has come of age.
                           How can you be satisfied
                         with things the way they are
                        when all that surrounds us now
                               and so much more
                                remains inside
                          the keeper's dark embrace?
                                The insatiable
                           thirst for power has made
                             idols out of mortals
                                gods into clay
                              soldiers into heros
                             children into slaves!
                                  All damned
                             their hopes betrayed.
                           Who will suffer the laws,
                          that State can decide your
                              child's education,
                           unless you pay the price?
                          Who will suffer their laws?
                         Who will suffer their minds?
                         Who will suffer their words?
                        Who will suffer their designs?