This text was digitized (typed by hand) by Ted & Florence Daniel New Wave Publishers 2103 N. Liberty Street Portland OR 97217-4971 BBS: (503) 286-5577 This text is in the public domain.

The Quest of Iranon

This text written 1921 by H.P.Lovecraft
Copyright 1939, 1943 August Derleth and Donald Wandrei; appeared in book 
*Dagon and Other Macabre Tales* (Arkham House, 1965) Used without 
permission. Since August Derleth has sought to spread the stories of his 
friend and mentor, Mr. Lovecraft, and since I am receiving no income from 
this publication, I believe that Mr. Derleth would allow me this vice, 
esp. considering this publication may bring others to the interesting 
works that are H.P.Lovecraft's.

The Tree and Memory

Also used w/o permission, I sincerely hope that these few stories will stir some interest in the reader, and that he will go out and find a good collection of H.P.Lovecraft's stuff. There are a number of good anthologies out, and more are being released all the time. I hope that Mr. Derleth understands my position and my reasoning for placing these few writings on my page.

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