An Old Post Explain the Typical Perkygoff Day

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 Tilo Frank  wrote:
> please add your sparetime-goth-activitiy (not directly related to 
> music/outfit...)
 I do not have sparetime. My day is divided into sections:
 This is when one of my roomies make some sort of noise that wakes me up. 
 Usually happens much earlier than I would ever have wanted to get up.
 This is where I imagine how it would feel to strangle said roomies, or I 
 calculate the distance to the knife on my desk. This period is usually 
 broken up by my silent snickers.
 This is where I look in the mirror, say something distasteful about my 
 appearance, then decide I really should have taken off that makeup from 
 last night (after noticing pillow came in attached to face).
 This is the only possible way to remove the pillow....
 This is the period where I usually skip class and wade through my e-mail 
 and alt.gothic.
 When I fall out of chair in front of computer, I know it is Foodtime. I 
 go by the cafeteria, grab random foil wrapped object, pay for it, then 
 find it is inedible. Looking at what they call food gives me enough 
 strength to make it through this next period....
 This is the time where I go to work. In other words, I slip out the 
 backdoor while nobody is looking, and log on to a computer in the lab, 
 just in case there is an alt.gothic post that demands my immediate attention.
 This is where I leave work, upset because nobody posted to alt.gothic and 
 thus gave me a reason to stay on these miserable computers instead of 
 doing real schoolwork.
 This is where I come back to my room, only to find that a Lori has called 
 for me, but the only Lori's I know sholdn't be calling me and therefore 
 this is somebody new and what do you mean you didn't get her phone number!!!
 Disgusted with roomie forms of life, I hop on the Metro and plod on to 
 someplace where I can shake my Goth bootie late into the night.....
 Check alt.gothic. Anything new?
 Drift off to sleep to the sounds of roomies moans and snorts, dreading 
 the coming period of wakeyuptime. Then dreams of dark angels take me away 
 to the sound of thunderstorms....