Vlad's White Sock FAQ

This FAQ is created to help answer all those nasty jabs (and those 
serious questions) raised against those of us in the gothic community who 
choose to wear all black clothes and still wear white socks......

I would like to thank the following people who contributed to this FAQ:

arafat@plo.terrorist.org, BOB@BOB.net, lhoswald@depository.books.com, 
napolean@dictator.gov.fr, gwashington@grave.mtvernon.org

1) Why would someone wear white socks with an all black outfit?

There are many reasons why a goth or perkygoff would choose to wear 
white socks with an all black outfit. Here are just a few of the common 
answers. Feel free to make up your own as we go along:

	-comes in cheap packages of 5 million for $3.99
	-looks great under blacklight
	-matches color of grandfather's/mother's hair
	-grandmother no longer has hair
	-protesting use of harmful dies that kill socks
	-matches my cats white paws
	-out of black socks
	- this used to be a black sock	

2) Isn't wearing white socks with all black kinda tacky?

The answer here is: HELL YES! But why should that stop us? Are we 
posturing nincompoops or are we here to have some fun? And there are many 
popular heroes who wore white socks. Napolean did. So did George 
Washington. Abraham Lincoln would have, but his wfie nagged him into 
wearing some 'proper attire. Yassir Arafat still does! So why shouldn't you?

There are also many cool goths out there in white socks; some of whom 
proudly display them. You know who you are!

3) Where can I find white socks?

The two most common answers to this question are:

	-Vlad's ankles

For a copy of this FAQ which is done *much* better than the one here IMNSHO, jump to -Jen's, which I am more than mildly jealous of. In fact, I may steal some stuff from her source file.....

<insert evil laugh here>

And yes, -Jen, I did create this in 10 minutes to cheer you up, and yes, Vlad's guide to dating is on the way. I just need 10 free minutes to make it up.