Ode To Darkcell

I little while back, Darkcell showed his dismay at not getting the attention he deserved by uttering the following:

:    GODDAMMIT, where's MY poem??!

:      I'm going to get all depressed and gloomy here in a second if I don't
: get a poem PRONTO!  ;p

Little did DC expect that I am *always* ready with bad poetry, and thus, the following was born:

Ode to Darkcell

He looked for poems here and there,
He looked for poems everywhere,
But all that Vlad could think about,
Was poems based on underwear.

Now BVD's can be *so* tight,
They come in simple colors- white,
They fit so snug, I do declare,
I still won't wear them to bed tonight.

Fruit-of-the Loom has funny guys,
Who dance around and show their thighs,
In underwear so bright and clean,
And outfits shaped like fruit for pies.

Now Calvin Klein is a silly man,
Who must have had a brilliant plan,
He'll charge us all exhorbant prices,
To wear something like the other brands.

So, Darkcell, don't you be too sad,
In fact I think you should be glad,
That poetry addressed to you,
Could end up being as bad as Vlad's.