Poetry by Our Lady of Pain about myself. One day, our little mailing list decided that each one of us would change places for the day, and OLoP got stuck playing me. This was the result:

A spoof

Ken, I am, wearing white socks, I can dance in a box, I can dance in a club, I can dance in the tub, Ken I am, I dance, Sometimes slow, like I'm in a trance, Or fast, like there's ants in my pants, I dance all the time Do I look like a mime? I dance in the street Pitter patter of my feet, I dance on cars, Or on top of bars, It doesn't matter to me, As long as I am free To dance, to dance, to be ME! What you say? Make me go away! Never, never, I'm here to stay. So dance, don't stop, Watch me, Watch me, go "BOP, BOP, BOP" I'll go spinning round, like a top, With a little skip and a hop, I never get tired or bored When all the others fall on the floor No, not me, I am no sloth I'm just a dancing perkygoff! It's fun just being Vlad, everyone should try!