Sexbat's History of Goth

The original 'Goths' were a Germanic tribe who were at their most violent
and maurauding at the time the Roman Empire fell.  They had their own 
language and religion but had very little to do with post-punk posing.

There was a 'Gothic' architectural period which you can still see in many
European buildings.  The most common feature is a very high pointed archway.

There were two periods of 'Gothick' literature.  The first started with a
spate of bad fiction about cursed Dukes in Italian Castles and ended in
the post-Romantic period with Mary Shelley et al.  The second was based in
America at the beginning of this century and included such notable fascists
as H.P.Lovecraft.

Suddenly, in about 1981, as a concession to the energy of punk and the 
pristine peacocking of the New-Romantics the 'gothic-punks' began to appear.
Initially they modeled themselves on the Addams Familly, and then began to
adopt the medieval, and victorian gothic into their costume.

As far as I remember the clubs existed before the bands.  The Batcave and
Another Excess spawned The Specimin and Alien Sex Fiend rather than the
other way around.  The fashion spread, but managed to keep its sense of

Meanwhile, in Leeds...
(There are too many SoM biogs. around for me to add my own)

The music changed, but never lost touch with its roots.  Bands who wanted
nothing to do with the Gothic tag were 'adopted' and followed everywhere
they went by tribes of hairspray weilding black clad fans, everything was
going just swimmingly.

One day I woke up to discover that the second generation of goths
(Those who discovered The Sisters, and Bauhaus *after* The Mission and
The Cure), are a bastard offspring.  Humourless, unoriginal in dress,
thought, and dance; *and* (worst of all) with a 'harder core than thou'
attitude.  We called them 'mini-goths', but they did not understand.
We called them 'quantum-goths', but they were even less likely to understand

We wrote fanzines for them, told them about the past, tried to make them
laugh - but they said 'who cares, we're having a good time!', at last they

So we got the DJ to play Creaming Jesus and slamdanced till we bled.