LadyRenee's Hair Guide

Okay I Have seen hundreds of posts on manic panic etc etc.on how to dye 
your hair so... someone please save this as I posted this b4.
(please ignore typos... Im not the greatest typer and I am short on time)

LadyRenee's Guide to Having cool hair:

**note  all of the products below should and will need to be purchased
at a beauty supply place.. as I think drug store products suck..
substitute equivalents as needed

1.  Start with healthy hair.  In order to do this I recommend using good 
    products. ie Nexxuss etc..seeing we cant all afford thatkind of stuff...
    the generics usually work well.
                 -- Excellent Conditioners
                   -I/C protein treatment 
                   -Alphohgee Treatment for damaged hair FOLLOW DIRECTIONS
                   -Ion Conditioner
                   -Bannanna Conditioner from the Body Shop

2. Decide what you want to do.

3. If you are dying your hair..just like a standard color 
   I advise these:
       Wella- blue black, Black Cherry (nice color)
       Loreal- Aurelle Cherry Plum *great plum color, not too extreme
               but quite pretty* (Its also a temporary and quiet cheap)
               Any Of there aubrons are usally nice
      Clairol- 70R Plum brown.. name says it all..its nice
               also their amethyst is nice (beautiful brights)
               Most all of there reds are nice too
         TRY AND AVOID TORRIDS.. it is death to your hair
         (they look cool..but you pay a price in the end)
         *tip* put a high intensity conditioner right in the mixture of dye  
         *tip* use 20 volume developer...not any higher

4.  BUT I want to manic panic my hair! and its already black.. or another 

          1. Bleach your hair.  This is a must unless you are a blond..
                 Products that work:
                         --Effasol by loreal (use developer not water)
                         --Torrids Platinum Lightening ( its death but it 
                           works..its a high power tint)
                         --SpeedLighT by Wella
                         --(rumors that 7th stage works by clairol but I 
                           dont know)
              this can take SEVERAL tries. It took me 8 bleaches over 6 weeks
              to get my pretty purple hair...At Times I bleached my hair 
              3 times in day for several hours.. but I still have soft 
              hair.. becasue it was healthy and well conditioned when I 
          Leave it in for up to an hour a process..when the 
          bleach quits working so mist it lightly with warm 
          water.  (It reactivates it)

         CONDITION between each process! Or watch your hair fall 

         2. The actual Manic Panic, (you can also use Punky Colors or 
            Krazy Colors)
            1. Apply,  WEAR GLOVES... Shit wear a body stains
            2. For even application use a bottle not plop it on and when
               you think your are done.. slick it back and use a 
               toothbrush to do your roots.
            3. Leave it in as LONG as possible and apply heat if you can.

5. OH FUCK I made a mess
          well honestly folks.. you are in trouble.. manic panic can
          ruin many many things. (like my  Mom's bathroom walls)
              General Substances that will clean you (ears etc )
              and your house
                   -Finger Nail polish Remover (with acetone)
                   -Clean Touch (made to remove hair well)
                   -Rubbing Alcohol
                   - Oxy, Noxema etc.. rubbing pads

I think this is it folks..
I told you what I know..
I have been dying my hair for years
so i have learned a lot...

ANd this is all 

The guide to styling hair and make up will coem if anyone wants it..

Forever and Always