Hi, my name is David Rhodes. You may all remember me as the annoying guy 
who occassionally posts those stupid MAKE.MONEY.FAST posts, which 
get crossposted to every known newsgroup across the universe (and some in 
Dimension X, which you cannot get on unless you have the special X drive 
developed by Rhodes Enterprizes [included in this list is alt.music.gothic]).

Well, you lucky Goths (and perkygoffs [tm]) do not worry about having to 
wade through this post in every other newsgroup you read, because this is 
an offer that is made just for you.

Back in 1986, I was a sad individual. My house burned down, my yacht was 
hit by an Exxon oil tanker, my car had 'problems' and I took it to the 
mechanics who just smiled and took my car and never gave it back, my wife
left me, and she took the dog with her (dammit, I really loved that dog 
[I am not referring to my wife here]).

Well, I decided with all these problems, I should pick up a smoking 
habit. I thought about smoking a regular brand of cigarettes, but then 
thought that a pompous ass like myself should smoke something much better 
than an ordinary person, so I decided to pick up clove smoking.

Then I got the wonderful idea. Knowing all those clove smokers on 
alt.gothic, and knowing how well my stupid MAKE.MONEY.FAST scheme had 
worked on unsuspecting newbies all across the Internet, I decided to come 
up with a similiar plan for cloves.

All you have to do is send one box of cloves to the first person on the 
list, delete their name, and add your name to the bottom of the list. In 
no time at all, you will be receiving thousands of boxes of cloves, and 
you will be able to smoke your way into your grave in no time. But don't 
believe me, just listen to these real life experiences:


I was living in an area where cloves were illegal to buy or sell, so I 
decided to try out Dave's little plan. Soon I was rolling in cloves, and 
all my friends were jealous of me, so they shot me and took all my 


Before, I had to pay as much as $4.00 for a box of cloves. Now, for the 
price of a single box, I can be making my lungs bleed all day long.....

Remember, send those cloves!