The A to Z of Goth

One Man's INterpretation

From: goth@spuddy.uucp (Mr Jealousy)

There has been some discussion of late about the meaning of Goth and
what being a Goth is all about. Here for your education is the
definative A to Z of Gothdom.

A -   is for ashen face
B -   is for black (any colour as long as its...)
C -   is for crimpers
D -   is for death - and related topics
E -   is for effeminate make-up
F -   is for fags (Marlboro)
G -   is for gloomy outlook on life 
H -   is for hair-dye black, of course...
I -   is for "I saw (insert band name) in (insert first year of touring)
J -   is for jewellery - silver and rattly
K -   is for king - Eldritch for...
L -   is for leather jacket (biker style)
M -   is for melanin - lack of...
N -   is for "no, I don't like the Mission (although I do have four of
      their albums)"
O -   is for "Only teeny-goths like the Cure"
P -   is for pretentious
Q -   is for quack, the noise a duck makes
R -   is for ridiculously pointy boots
S -   is for skin-tight jeans
T -   is for "Their earlier stuff was better"
U -   is for unnatural preoccupation with image
V -   is for vampyres are sooooo cool
W -   is for "Well, of course I don't dress like this for the image"
X -   is for X-iting personality
Y -   is for younger than 17
Z -   is for zzzzzzzzzzz!

I'm guilty of 16 of these, but which 16?

  "In a New York city park, after dark, the time of clinical death is fixed."