(or, Ways to Flaunt One's Vanity)

This area requires very little explanation on my part. Simply hit links to see corresponding pictures. No odd catches or complications. Really.

This group of pictures was taken during a photo shoot at a local Winston-Salem graveyard. My friend, Candace, (who is a freelance photographer, oddly enough) wanted to test out some development techniques, so she decided to use me as a guinea pig.

This is my personal favorite of the batch. The combination of ivy and a cemetary gate make for good scenery. :)

This picture was taken solely due to the fact that the photographer thought that the Egyption motif on the structure in the background looked rather cool. I like the blues in this pic.

Here is another pic from the shoot. I simply picked out some neat looking scenery to lean on.

This is a pic of me doing my impression of a brain-eating zombie. ;)

This picture is one of me looking extremely dazed and dopey. Its sheer cheese factor makes it somewhat likeable, but it is simultanously somewhat embarrassing. In case you're wondering, the flower is fake, and was found lying on the ground near where this photo was taken.

These pictures were taken by my friend, Loki, just prior to us leaving to go to a Front 242/Project Pitchfork concert in Charlotte, NC. They also showcase my prized purple vest, which I am quite fond of. Someday, I'll have to go on a quest to find more.

This one is my favorite of the group... and no, I don't think that I was actually looking at anything in particular. One thing that does annoy me somewhat is the shadow cast upon the wall behind me, which, in this pic, makes parts of me (my left arm and my hair) look a bit larger than they actually are.

This picture shows me *gasp* actually smiling... then again, perhaps 'grinning' would be the more appropriate term here. This pic also has the 'shadow size enhancement effect' (I guess that this is what I get for wearing a black shirt and having black hair ;)).

This picture shows the morning aftermath: the outing is over, the makeup is (for the most part) off, and all that is left is exhaustion and memory.. ah yes, and the *gasp* *eek* white t-shirt that I changed into to sleep on Loki's couch in .. how utterly un-goth of me! ;P

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