Aural Stimuli

(or, Rat's Personal Guide to Properly Organized Noise)

Well, this is the place where I list music that I like. The following artists are not placed in any particular order, nor are they arranged in any particular fashion. I have simply decided to list them with no regard for genre, alphabetization, or anything else other than the fact the I happen to like them. So please refrain from e-mailing me such thought-provoking commentary as, "Why do you have Skinny Puppy right under The Sisters of Mercy? SP isn't a 'rock-n-roll' band, and SoM isn't an industrial band (regardless of what Andrew Eldritch says)!", as such messages will be either ignored or laughed at (or I will silently laugh, whilst appearing to ignore ;) ). Even though it is pretty safe to say that a majority of my listening interests could be considered goth/industrial, I do listen to a variety of things, and prefer to judge each artist on an individual basis. Now, enough of my ranting about music -- Here is a list of some of my favorites:

Da List

More on its way!

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