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Duomo Model
A model of the dome from the Museo de Duomo
Welcome to the Brunelleschi's Dome Web Site

Florence, Italy is the city that gave birth to the Renaissance. From the artwork of Michelangelo, to the scientific advancements of Galileo, Florence has been home to some of the greatest advancements in the arts and sciences. Architecture is no exception.

Often revered for its beauty, and often photographed as the centerpiece to Florence as a city, the Duomo is often overlooked as a breakthrough in engineering. While many people admiring the bas reliefs on the Baptistry, they forget to look up and marvel at the dome of the Duomo - until recently the largest dome in the world.

The construction of the dome was nothing short of a miracle, using construction techniques and truly innovative engineering concepts, Flippo Brunelleschi, the dome's designer, created a Renaissance masterpiece that has not been rivaled.

This website is dedicated to exploring Brunelleschi's creation.

Site Contents:
About Filippo Brunelleschi
A short biography about the creator of the dome.

The Duomo
Some interesting facts and photos of the Duomo.

Dome Construction
This section gives an overview of some of the groundbreaking techniques that Brunelleschi used to create the dome.

Useful Links
Recommended reading, and useful internet links about Florence and the Dome.

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