Review of Vito's Italian Restaurant

Right across the street from Saigon is Vito's Italian Restaurant, a new addition to Grace street eateries. Luckily once you step into Vito's it's easy to forget that you are on Grace street. Vito's interior is light and clean with beautiful tiled table tops. If the jukebox isn't blaring the atmosphere is downright pleasant. And so it the food.

Granted, I haven't tried everything on the menu, but Vito's has one important thing going right...their marinara sauce. It's absolutely delicious, light, tasty and almost addictive. It's great on their hot subs, ravioli and baked ziti. I have to admit that I haven't tried the pizza yet, but if they are using the same sauce then they are one step ahead of all the other pizza places in town.

In addition to their Italian entrees, the sandwiches and subs are pretty good. The steak and cheese was very good with nicely grilled onions. The salads don't look too appetizing and neither does the salad bar, which is really sparse. But then Vito's isn't really the type of place where you'd go for healthy eating. The portions are pretty big, usually I can take home one third of a pasta dish and have a full lunch the next if I add a salad to it. And two meals is pretty good for the average $5-$6 lunch special. And talking about special, did I mention the garlic knots??? Drenched in oil, herbs and garlic, these little nuggets of bread will harden your arterties and scare away the vampires.

The service is relaxed and friendly. Sometimes it takes a little time for them to notice you, but once they do they are always happy to serve you. Sometimes the din from the kitchen is too loud, but it gives the place a cozy feeling. I was also amazed and pleased to find out that there really is a Vito and he had done something to deserve the wrath of the woman shreiking in the kitchen. I just smiled and slurped up some more of that great marinara sauce.