Appetizer: What is Marcy's Richmond Restaurant Review About?

Why am I reviewing restaurants?

I used to eat very poorly, mostly fast food, late night dinners at cheap diners even a home-cooked meal drunkenly prepared at 3am. These bad habits were mostly due to a low paying job and bad work hours. Now that I have a high paying job and normal work hours I actually get to enjoy life. What better to do with one's own money but the spend it on oneself, right? But why restaurants? Why not a car or extravagant vacations? I don't get paid that well! Anyway why settle for only one vacation a year or one car every 10 years when you can eat 3 times a DAY! Sure I like shoes and nice black velvet dresses, but they don't soothe my angst ridden life like a slice of super moist may also have some to do with having a Jewish mom who was very good a causing angst in my life and also a very good cook.

How do I pick the restaurants?

Well, I live in Richmond and I don't like driving long distances so most of the restaurants are in the city of Richmond within an easy driving distance of the Fan. Other than that, most of the choices are completely based on my whim, or my friends whim, or on how good looking the waiters. Alright, scratch the last one, I could care less how the waiters look, what's important is good service and good food. This is not a scientific survey by any means, its just my hobby, so I'm going to pick restaurants that look pleasing to me. That criteria changes constantly, some weeks I'm really into Greek food, other times its Indian. However I really am interested in trying out new and different places ranging from a small café to a high priced restaurant.

Do I have any rating system?

Sort of, but not really. Certainly I'm going to express my opinions, but I really don't plan on ranking the restaurants against each other. I've found that it is nearly impossible to quantify a qualitative, subjective experience. On the other hand, I do want this guide to be helpful to the reader, so I will do my best to accurately list prices, serving hours, phone numbers, and address along with my opinions about the food and service.