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Owen Davis


I am a software developer with 13 years of experience and now I am seeking a position that can leverage my skills and provide new challenges. In my career, I have built several web application frameworks and e-commerce platforms, and my specialty has been the “server side” of those projects, transforming hardware and software into products and services. My strengths are a broad and deep technical background, a commitment to getting things done, disciplined programming and debugging skills in many languages, experience building and supporting high volume production server environments and applications, database design and administration, motivated self starting, good communication and interpersonal skills, learning things fast, team building, leadership and project management.

Work experience

2004 – 2008 Booyah Networks Boulder, CO

Director of Technology and Engineering

  • Senior developer and team leader building an auction based platform for search engine, link, banner and video advertising handling 1M+ ad clicks and ad impressions daily in partnership with companies like AOL, Google and Yahoo.

  • We developed a flexible OO PHP5 Web Services architecture with an AJAX/Javascript UI, and extensive use of XML for defining configuration and functionality, such as dynamic SQL generation and a batch data processing and video transcoding pipeline. We built a scalable and distributed system for high traffic and constant availability.

  • Responsible for core development, databases, billing systems, source code control, organizing builds and approving deployments, data mining and reports, “firefighting”, backup for on-call sysadmin rotation, hiring and interviewing.

  • Tools: PHP, MySQL, Apache, AJAX, XML, XSLT, ffmpeg.

2000 – 2004 Accretive Technology Group Seattle, WA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed, deployed, and supported a credit card billing system used internally and by customers.

  • I wrote the transaction processing engine, web based statistics and reporting, and most of the other back end tools and accounting interfaces single handedly. I was responsible for design and specifications, development, testing, system administration and leading the rest of the team.

  • Starting from scratch, built a team of 3 other developers for the project. I was responsible for task delegation, project tracking, hiring and training and performance evaluations.

  • Additionally developed credit card billing, accounting, database administration, statistics and customer support tools for various web sites delivering pay per view real time streaming video.

  • As a side project, created an anti password sharing module in C for the Apache web server

  • Developed in Java and deployed on Sparc servers running Solaris 8 and Oracle. Some tools were built in Delphi and deployed on Windows, connecting to the same database.

  • Tools: Java, Oracle PL/SQL, Hibernate, Freemarker

1998 – 2000 Microstate Corporation Fairfax, VA

Software Engineer

  • Developed Hamilton, a custom web application framework that used a web based GUI to combine templates and re-useable components written in Java that dynamically generated HTML and Javascript to build and manage web sites instead of writing raw HTML. With that, we built CMS and web application servers to deliver self-managed database-driven websites for customers.

  • Responsible for developing the framework itself as well as reusable components for web applications such as email, shopping catalogs, auctions and shopping carts, graphing financial data, internationalization and content management systems for our customers.

  • Tools: Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Freemarker, Postgres, Hamilton

1996 – 1998 CyberCash Reston, VA

Software Engineer

  • CyberCash was one of the first Internet based credit card processing services.

  • I was the lead software engineer responsible for building a robust, secure C++ client/server E-Commerce application which handled over a million transactions per month for thousands of customers. We wrote almost everything from scratch, including web serving, networking, cryptographic and database libraries and it was ported to all the major UNIX platforms and Windows NT. For example, one component I built was a custom RFC compliant web server.

  • I went on to develop a prototype implementation of SET (another E-Commerce system) for a joint partnership with IBM, Netscape and Toshiba. I was the lead engineer representing the CyberCash team. This project involved travel to San Francisco, India and Japan, and on-site collaboration with the other companies during the development, integration and deployment process. My team won an internal achievement award for the on-time, on-budget completion of this project.

  • Tools: C++, C, Oracle, Raima, gcc, gdb, Insure++, RogueWave and RSA libraries.

1995 – 1996 CommerceWave Carlsbad, CA

Software Engineer

  • As a student on summer break, I worked as a consultant to develop an Internet based credit card processing application for CyberCash. I converted it from a proof of concept written in Perl into a C++ application, and was hired by CyberCash to develop it as a product based on that work.

  • Rapid development schedule (3 months from prototype to first live deployment)

  • Integrated CyberCash technology into early E-Commerce sites, such as Wired.com.

  • Tools: C++, C, Perl


1991 – 1995 University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA

B.S. Cognitive Science

  • National Merit Scholar