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Friday, February 22

The Secret Lives of Numbers
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Thursday, February 21

Judith Berman argues in Science Fiction Without the Future that science fiction's increasing nostalgia is endangering its future:
Because if the past succeeds in crowding the future out of sf, the entire field will die. By this I do not mean to invoke some academic definitional debate over whether you can still have what we are used to calling "science fiction" without the future. Iím talking about original print science fiction in the inclusive sense: about its increasing unattractiveness to younger generations of readers and its declining relevance to the culture at large--its failure to attract not just the young, but any readers who donít share its current anxieties.
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Wednesday, February 13

APE, Aqua
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Friday, February 8

Halou halou
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Wednesday, February 6

Jared Spool, photographer
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Tuesday, February 5

GUI bloopers, Jared Spool also--make picture thing go, j.
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