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Thursday, September 20

Eva and I went to see PJ Harvey perform at the Warfield on Tuesday night. Unlike certain other artists we were intending to see this week, she had chosen to continue with her tour despite recent events. I'm very glad she did so. The show was probably the best of hers I've seen--she had an incredible command of the stage (as well as an incredible outfit) and displayed immense emotional and musical range. She restricted her comments on stage to repeatedly thanking us for coming, adding at one point that she was "very grateful" that we came to see her at such a difficult time. I am very grateful to her for coming--I've been very tense and twitchy lately, and the performance helped clear my head and my emotions. Partly this was because her music and lyrics seemed strangely attuned to the situation. Coincidence, in part, but I do suspect that she arranged the playlist to put this song (This Mess We're In) first:
Can you hear them?
The helicopters?
I'm in New York
No need for words now
We sit in silence
You look me
In the eye directly
You met me
I think it's Wednesday
The evening
The mess we're in and
The city sun sets over me

Night and day
I dream of
To you now baby
Impossible dream
And I have seen
The sunrise
Over the river
The freeway
Of this mess we're in and
The city sun sets over me

What were you wanting?
I just want to say
Don't ever change now baby
And thank you
I don't think we will meet again
And you must leave now
Before the sunrise
Above skyscrapers
The sin and
This mess we're in and
The city sun sets over me
It's now in my head, and seems to fit there well with the Auden and Arnold that others have pointed to.
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Tuesday, September 11

As usual, Eva says it much better than I.
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. . .
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Wednesday, September 5

Right. The summer *is* over now, and I'm back in school. It is a very good thing to be back in school.
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