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Tuesday, February 27

Apparently there's this band called Bloodhag that plays short heavy metal songs. Each song is a mini-biography of a different science fiction author. Below are the words to "Harlan Ellison."
Write in a store window the girls watch your lobes flex Still, no one could guess what you would write next.
Like you might write just to read your own name. Your early work made good TV game...

Still, no one could top you at your short
fiction. No one could stop your Dangerous Visions.

We wrote this song don't let it get to your head You'd like it more If your name's all we said! Harlan, Harlan Ellison! Harlan, Harlan Ellison!

A lot of people call you a prick Cause you talked a little shit About Philip K. Dick

Mephisto in Onyx Phoenix Without Ashes Couldn't write a real novel to save your ass!

Clearly I must see this band live.
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Monday, February 5

Ah, damn. Gordon Dickson died last Wednesday. We don't have a lot of Old Masters of science fiction left. He was apparently working on the 9th Childe Cycle book.
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