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Tuesday, November 21

Yay! I'm so proud. My neighborhood (by zip code) has 266 parolees. (via camworld)

Actually, I'll bet I know at least a few of the parolees in question. And some of them are very nice people.

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Yes, I will post a picture of the ring. And some of the pictures from Gaskells, for those who haven't seen them. And Halloween pictures. Etc. That's what Thanksgiving break is for, right?
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I've figured out what the point of Belle and Sebastian is. It's perfect for listening to after midnight, with two papers unfinished and due the next day, while jittery from too much caffeine. Anything harsh, or even imposing, would be unwelcome--but B&S, like over-honeyed mint tea--is perfect.
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Tuesday, November 14

So I, um, proposed to Eva. Happily, she accepted. The hitching will commence sometime after May and before December of 2002, somewhere on the correct (i.e. east) coast. We're all blissful and stuff.
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Wednesday, November 8

Woooo-eeee doggies, what a night. Whatever happens next, it's been interesting (which was the last thing I expected from this election). And it's all up to Florida! Better 'n fiction, I tell you. Now, were you paying attention? Modern Humorist wants to know.
According to Dan Rather, many of the candidates' projected leads:
  • "melted faster than ice cream in a microwave."
  • "vanished faster than Jimmy Hoffa."
  • "were cut down like mice in a rotary mower."
  • "shrunk like my nutsack in a bucket full of Icy-Hot."
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