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Monday, May 24

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testy tesy
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Wednesday, April 21

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Sunday, May 18

Yes, j. random blogger, Ken MacLeod can write better than you:
This was the beginning of the New Word Order. It is what we used to have instead of History. Many important events happened in it, notably the Destruction of Yugoslavia and the Death of Diana. Yugoslavia had to be destroyed because the Serbs lived all over it and practised ethnic cleansing. This was stopped by another Collision and the Serbs now live only in Serbia. Serbia has been a democracy ever since its elected government was overthrown by policemen driving tractors. Diana died because of yet another Collision. The car she was being driven in was driven into a Parisian tunnel support pillar, known as a paparazzo. People still lay flowers at the pillar.
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Thursday, March 20

Good to know the alma mater can still stick it to the man.
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Sunday, March 16

Bunny of the Month Club
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Thursday, March 6

Voice recognition and Glaswegians:
  • Ma moose dis'nae work
  • Ah cannae shut doon
  • This screen's makin' ma heid nip
  • Ah'm gettin' right scunnered wi' Windaes 98
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Wednesday, February 12

Word for the day: gewaltverherrlichung.
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Wednesday, January 15

In the face of this approaching disaster, it behooves men and women not yet overcome by the war madness to raise their voice of protest, to call the attention of the people to the crime and outrage which are about to be perpetrated upon them.
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Lessig wuz robbed.
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Gatherings of minds are few and far between. But valuable.
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Sunday, January 5

Added to the list of places to visit in Britain this spring: the British Empire Museum in Bristol. (Bristol?)

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The weblog version of Samuel Pepys' Diary is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I'll be a regular reader.

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Tuesday, December 31

The new hip game in New York -- from Gawker.

The game eventually boiled down to four survivors: Ms. Bowe, Ms. Rattray, Christine Hill, a conceptual artist, and Jill Carr, who had insisted throughout the entire game that Mr. Carr was in the mafia. (He wasn’t.) The rest of the group, the dead—including two mafia members (novelist David Grand and, yes, Mr. Knutsen)—stood backstage, watching the last surviving mafia member square off against the last three villagers. When "night" fell, she opened her eyes and picked a poor, doomed villager to die.

Of course, some of us have been playing the superior version for years.

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Sunday, December 29

Colds suck.

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Friday, December 20

Portland gets a classy variety of anti-war protestor. Yay.
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No Sleep Till Tolkien. I had one of those little realization moments last night. I was driving into the city after working late and feeling a little sorry for myself because I was tired, coping badly with a cold, and was looking forward to getting all of three hours sleep.

At about that point I hit the point on 280 where you come in right over the city and see it in all its night glory--it really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world--and it occured to me that I had, at that moment, pretty much everything I'd come to San Francisco for, way back in 1997.

I came out here to live here, first of all. I've done that for 5 years. I came out for love, and I've got more than I'd dreamed of. I came to get a degree, and I did that too, even if it took me a little while to get around to it. I came to be a part of . . . the rational part of the dot-com dream. And, again a little behind schedule, I seem to be doing that too. And I came out to be a part of a vibrant (if not always functional) geek community--and there I was, driving to meet my wife and 298 other fabulous and interesting people, many of whom I knew but more of whom I didn't--to hang out and see The Two Towers.

So, screw sleep. I'd gotten so used to the idea that things hadn't gone the way I'd dreamed here (though it was always obvious to me that they'd gone well) that I hadn't noticed when, in the usual backwards and belated and roundabout way, my dreams had come true. I've got about two or three things left on the old list--and I've got the skills, friends, and confidence to pull those off now as well. It's just up to me to make them happen.

Plus, it was a REALLY good movie.

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Tuesday, December 3

A sign of how much my life has changed in the last six months: I cleaned out my wallet today. It contained 15 cards or various kinds--ID cards, passcards, health insurance cards, etc. Of the fifteen, eight no longer apply to me.
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Tuesday, November 19

I'm older now. But apparently being older means that you get to go to scotch tastings with Warren Ellis, so that's OK. I hung out with fabulous people--including someone I hadn't seen in years--and drank scotch older than I am. Yay.
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Wednesday, November 13

My name's going to Mars! I'm such a geek. This is just sad, though.
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Best new store on Haight Street: Kid Robot. Purveyors of urban-style action figures. The Brothersworker figures are particularly fine (and 'spensive).
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Monday, November 11

Last time I posted here, I was unmarried, unemployed, a proud car-free San Francisco pedestrian, and hadn't had a decent vacation that wasn't primarily about family or someone else's wedding in years.

One month and a few weeks later, I'm happily married, gainfully employed (at least for the time being), own a shiny new silver 2002 Honda Civic, and have mounds of memories, pictures, and assorted ephemera from a fantastic honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest.

My life moves very quickly sometimes. Somehow, I don't mind a bit.

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Friday, September 27

This entry probably won't see the light of day until well after the event, but tomorrow morning I am going to marry the woman I love. Proposing to her was one of the smartest, best, and most right things I've ever done, and it's a damn good thing the day is finally here. (Almost.)

Eva-- I love you, and we're going to build an amazing future together. Starting tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 17

Did you know that Morrissey has a huge Latino fanbase? Of course you did.
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Monday, September 16

The Berkeley Institute of Design. Many cool people are involved in creating this--I can't wait to see how it turns out.
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Berkeley's Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium. Ken Goldberg brings in some pretty nifty people.
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Thursday, September 12

Scottish Fiction News: Morvern Callar is coming to theatres soon. Salon's take is sexual (natch), but I'm happy that the film stars that bald-headed lady in Minority Report who was so good.
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