Jean-Anne Fitzpatrick



Adaptive Path:  Web Application Audit

I worked with consulting firm Adaptive Path as a freelance consultant, on two phases of a project to update a complex web application.

In the first phase, I performed an audit of a web application for their client. A content audit is one of the foundation steps in Adaptive Path's redesign process; however, at the time they did not have a standard process for auditing a web application, rather than a more conventional content-centric web site.

My role included devising and documenting an approach for this task. This included rapidly exploring the application's functionality, then creating a system to meaningfully categorize the application pages. Deliverables for the first phase of work consisted of a content map, and a short paper describing my approach.

In the second phase, I worked with a team of interaction designers to prepare wireframes for the updated application.


The following illustration shows a small section of the content map:

The following is a sample Visio wireframe created for this project:

Further documentation from this project can be presented on request.

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