Jean Anne Fitzpatrick


Places I've been...

While living in England (from 1993 to 1996), I had the opportunity to travel fairly extensively in the British Isles, and to visit a few places on the European continent including Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Madrid and Sevilla, Brugge, and Budapest. During those same years, I acquired a taste for traveling to locales some consider exotic, such as Istanbul, Iceland, and Mauritius.

Of course, one person's adventurous is another's ordinary. For instance, I visited Cairo when my friends Dave and Linda were living there. (Since I don't have photographs in digital form from before 1996, I am spared the temptation to make separate pages for all of these trips!)

Working at Westinghouse also provided some opportunities to travel to Europe, and I always tried to make time for some sightseeing on my business trips to places like Barcelona and Stockholm (in my opinion, two of the most beautiful cities in the world). The image above is Stockholm on Easter day — note the snow on the ground!

More recently, since I've been living in California, I've ventured into a few locales in Central and South America, as well as taking advantage of more local opportunities here on the West Coast. I do still try to get to Europe at least every couple of years, despite the increased jet lag.

The list of places that I want to see just keeps getting longer.


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