Jean Anne Fitzpatrick


Sexual Identity

I define myself as bisexual and identify as queer. Neither of these terms, in my opinion, are simple or easy to define. Certainly, the connotations may differ broadly, even in the context of an apparently simple dictionary definition. But more importantly, people who define themselves with these words often mean very different things by them. I can only try to explain what I mean when I use these terms to describe myself.

For the past several years, all of my romantic and/or sexual relationships have been with men. However, it is still important to me to identify as bisexual, for two reasons. First, I do not feel that I have somehow become permanently incapable of reacting to women in a powerful way. Secondly, I do not want to deny significant parts of my personal history, such as the fact that my one really serious, long-term romantic relationship was with a woman.

Calling myself queer is a reaction to the fact that popular culture still reflects a strictly heterosexual bias. In that context, I perceive myself as an "outsider" and feel a bond with others who are not sheltered within societal norms.


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