Leatrice Guttentag
204 Willow Dr. Apt 4B
Ocean, NJ 07712
Phone: 732.695.1335
Fax: 732.946.8797
Email: guttenta@worldnet.att.net
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To be working in an organization where my computer science skill set and aesthetic talent can make a significant contribution to the growth and prosperity of the organization and myself. To be able to eventually use my management and technical skills by working in a capacity that couples my organizational and people skills with my technical abilities to provide management disciplines to technical objectives.

The Ohio State University Computer and Information Science BS, Minor in art

People Tools 1 & 2 for PeopleSoft Version 6 & 7

Unix, MS-DOS/Microsoft Windows, NT/95

C, JavaScript, LiveWire, Perl, Java, PeopleCode


Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Access, Paradox7

APPLICATIONS/Development Tools:
Vision Jade,NetDynamics,Cold Fusion,PeopleSoft



Currently Employed
Andersen Consulting Pinnacle Alliance on site for J.P. Morgan - Technical Architect & Software Developer

Software Developer -
Created software applications for the Intranet using languages and development tools such as Netdynamics, PERL, Java Applets, Cold Fusion, Vision Jade. All software applications dynamically generate the front end creating HTML or Java Applets.and have a Sybase back end.

Technical Architect -
· PeopleCode, panel, views and table modifications for PeopleSoft financials version7
· Configure, Debug and tune the PeopleSoft application processing through 3-tier architecture
         Used SQA robot version 6.1 to create and execute scripts for concurrency testing of Sybase 11.03 to help detect hotspots and row level locking issues.

· Configure, document and support multiple instances of the PeopleSoft execution architecture.
         Installed and configured PeopleSoft 7 on client machines.
· Understand and support additional PeopleSoft tools and utilities.
         Installed, configured, troubleshoot and supported all third party tools used in addition to PeopleSoft such as: Data Direct, DBArtisan and SQA robot.

· Documented and supported the migration strategy
          Applied patches and bug fixes to multiple database environments using the tools and utilities provided with PeopleSoft release 7.

· Developed documents that communicated ideas or information to our work group.
          Developed and collaborated with team members to create a developer handbook, concurrency test plan and logged technical issues into a technical database to keep track of all relevant issues.


Computer Analyst / Programmer -
Epresence is a large-scale software applications developer for Intranets and Extranets as well as a World Wide Web site design and implementation organization. We employed a wide range of technologies including animation graphic design, database design and implementation and custom designed software. All of our designs used the most current languages and technologies available.

In my position I worked with all these technologies as required by our clients. I needed to always be fluent in all current software, hardware, programming languages, connectivity technologies and Internet applications. In most projects I was responsible for managing the project from initial design with the client to implementation of the software design and finally to the installation of the finished product. Additionally, I project managed the work of other programmers and designers. I also interviewed prospective new employees in conjunction with the owners of the company. I prefer a fast moving environment and I strive to always be at the leading edge of my craft.

Ohio State University Athletic Department

Scoreboard Animator -
I was employed to conceptualize and produce award winning animations and graphics for advertisements, special event promotions and crowd entertainment. As a senior member of the staff I designed and programmed animations for all events, on four totally different scoreboard systems and for as many as ten different categories of activities. Additionally I was required to create and run messages as well as work with and post statistical files. In addition to my creative and technical responsibilities I was involved with new employee hiring and did employee training.

Since joining the I.D.E.A (Information Display and Entertainment Association) in 1989 we have won 12 Golden Matrix Awards for the Best Overall and Best Original Matrix Animations. We were up against professional teams such as the New York Yankees, the Phoenix Suns, and the Boston Red Sox.

Other activities that we are hired to work for and that are not a part of the university are the Special Olympics, the Wheelchair Games, and the Columbus Crew professional soccer team.

List of Some of the projects that I have worked on