I see you've met Kendrick

Yes, Kendrick is the skull. He belongs to my wierd friend Elise. Actually most of my friends are wierd. Let me try that again. Most of my friends are insane. I don't know what it is about me...

But I digress. Kendrick.

Kendrick is real, purchased in some shady deal, by some shady character from some medical supply place or something. I wasn't privy to all the details, thank god. Said shady character then made a gift of his purchase to his then girlfriend, Elise. She named him Kendrick.

Kendrick graced our bookshelf for a year and a half, right next to our framed dog collar & leash. Did I mention my friends are wierd?

Kendrick had a fake friend who was spray painted silver. They made a very dapper couple, sitting there on the shelf. Kendrick and his friend now reside at the Brew House with Elise. I didn't think custody was worth an ugly battle. But I get to visit him every so often, when my travels take me by that way.

Alas poor Kendrick, I knew him well.

Fleur Diana Dragan / fleur@obscure.org / 7/13/96