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EMC Corporation

1/2011 - 11/2013

Consulting Software Engineer

1/2011 - 11/2013

Designed and developed hardware abstraction library for EMC Atmos product in C++. Library was designed to allow existing Atmos software to run on next-generation commodity hardware platform, which enabled deployment of >1000PB of new hardware.

The library consolidated different ways of getting hardware information as well as abstracted obtaining the same kind of information accessable in different ways from different hardware. Included obtaining SMART information from SATA and SAS hard drives, reading sensor information via IPMI, obtaining zoning information on SATA disks via SMP.

Wrote Java InputStream and OutputStream classes to convert between VMDKs and OVfs for Discovery project.


4/2010 - 1/2011

Ruby On Rails Consultant

4/2010 - present

Developed and maintained the client's well-established online publishing system, implemented in ROR and mySQL.

Converted SGML to ePub and PDF formats using XSLT for client.


8/2009 - 2/2010

Senior Software Engineer

11/2009 - 2/2010

Worked on Netflix's proprietary video encoding workflow engine to encode existing library and incoming titles, both in the cloud and on the local machine farm, implemented in Java, JSP, Oracle and Amazon's EC2 and S3 services.

Supported existing PS3 encoding workflows. Designed and developed new workflows for new platform, the Wii, incorporating easier and more consistent restarting for bad encodes and allowing the same workflow to be used in the cloud as well as locally. Worked with Encoding Operations on new workflow implementation and features to improve Ops' efficency.


8/2009 - 11/2009

Developed tools and workflow to manage ~1200 Amazon EC2 Cloud instances used by proprietary video encoding workflow engine.

The Bakery Animation

7/2008 - 11/2008

Pipeline Architect

7/2008 - 11/2008

Began laying the foundation of a CG feature film pipeline. Worked with systems and R&D to define handling multiple architectures for both proprietary software releases and production versions of third-party software. Built show tree and environment, including global shell environment, dynamic, show-based environment configuration and show tree navigation. Worked with R&D to define software release process for production.

Designed core asset classes of the pipeline. Worked with R&D designing and debugging proprietary scripting language and python extensions to proprietary data classes. Implemented core asset classes. Began implementing production scripts using the core asset classes in both the proprietary scripting language and Python.

Worked with department leads of Rigging, Painting, Lighting and FX to design department input and output dataflow as well as assisting in design of internal department workflow.


9/2007 - 7/2008

Ruby On Rails Consultant

9/2007 - 7/2008

Added new features to the client's well-established online publishing system, implemented in ROR and mySQL.


1/2001 - 4/2007

Surfacing Technical Director

9/2005 - 4/2007

Set up all characters, props and environments for back end of the Shrek The Third animation pipeline. Developed tools and provided broad support to my team of 11 surfacing artists. Communicated with the front end groups to improve standards and information flow. Taught the Studio Perl class for many months. Provided emergency infrastructure support and coordination to Production Engineering. Served as sole production representative to the Production Engineering Perl to Python project.

Developed extensive set of asset classes and related tools to automate the asset setup process, provide validation where there was none, and provide automated fixes for common setup problems. Helped design the next generation pipeline effort, Asset Model. Provided my asset classes and setup tools for incorporation in project.

Founded the Global Surfacing TD Working Group as a resource for all Surfacing TDs studio-wide, to share knowledge, mentor new Surfacing TDs, encourage and support cross-show use of newly developed asset tools. Mentored senior to entry level TDs and PEs on topics such as programming design to career advice.

Production Engineer

1/2001 - 9/2005

Introduced POD (Perl's integrated doc system) to existing Perl infrastructure, integrated with existing build system and later with new build system. Wrote majority of initial documentation. Maintained existing Perl build system. Created Studio Perl class, covering existing APIs as well as standard techniques for error handling, environment interaction, etc. Identified common production coding and design patterns and provided new libraries to standardize and automate. Maintained the studio standard Perl interpreter. Oversaw installation and integration of same at Glendale site. Led effort to upgrade Perl across both sites and all shows, twice. Built infrastructure to allow multiple installs of Perl concurrently. Improved pipeline integration to allow ability to test new versions with no production disruption. Wrote official Studio Perl standards document. Maintained extensive library of Perl packages, including extensions to C libs using SWIG. Initiated Perl Happy Hour class. Was made Team Lead of new Infrastructure team of 5 within PE. Led infrastructure unification with Glendale site. Provided guidance and support to R&D, TDs, FX developers, others.

Maintained global and show environments of extensive c-shell commands. Wrote front end commands and back end functionality of new asset management system. Began interviewing departmental candidates 3 months after hire and continued throughout tenure. Interfaced with Systems and R&D departments when needed on projects. Taught Intro To Production Engineering class.

Maintained existing render farm submission tools including web and Fresco based front ends LSF queue management software and Oracle back end. Rewrote front end web request. Designed and implemented new abstracted farm submission infrastructure providing a consistent framework across all shows that could handle show-specific modifications. Added data gathering to submission infrastructure that later became the basis for statistics used by management to predict and procure necessary render farm expansion. Provided API for submission framework allowing more technically sophisticated departments to write their own submission tools while remaining hooked into the global farm submission infrastructure. Provided support and mentoring as farm submission team expanded from just me to 5 people. Provided development roadmap for submission team still being used in 2007. Submission tools, infrastructure and workflow were later adopted wholesale by Glendale site.

Spent the first half of 2004 in Los Angeles to aid the Glendale site in development of their own Production Engineering department. While there, began and led integration of the new build/release system into the production pipeline, altering R&D environment libraries, adding Perl support, creating new global shell commands and altering existing ones and altering large numbers of in-production data files, to allow shows to switch over with minimum interruption. Also taught Intro To Production Egineering and Studio Perl classes at the Glendale site and taught others there to teach same.

FastEngines acquired by Adero

1/1999 - 10/2000

Software Engineer

Implemented web site for secure file distribution to partners, working with Oracle, Security and Engineering teams. Included setting up LDAP validation and writing client-side scripts to allow programmatic retrieval by users. Developed JFast, a an open-source Java Servlet interface for the FastCGI Apache plugin and verified compatibility with FastEngines' flagship product FastServ, a commercial FastCGI plugin for Netscape and Apache.

Cadmus Journal Services / E-DOC

9/1996 - 12/1998

Director of Engineering

9/1998 - 12/1998

Developed standards for client site layout based on current software. Acted as primary technical liaison to clients for pre- and post-sales support. Developed ideas for feature sets for SAM derived from the client support experiences. Provided sales engineering by identifying existing functionality vs custom development. Ensured new development remained compatible with existing systems. Coordinated production software upgrades and service contracts.

Software Engineer

9/1996 - 9/1998

Lead on SAM, a system for managing individual and institutional subscriber access to online client journals. Design was three-tier system in FastCGI server-side Java on SGI. Developed using JDK 1.0 and continuously upgraded as new versions were released. Back end was vendor independent SQL database via JDBC. Developed production tools for interfacing client subscription data in Java and Perl, gave demos and did training and other general sales support for clients.

Trecom Business Systems, Inc.

5/1996 - 8/1996


Enhanced client's national business order system using Informix, C on HP/UX.

Davison Associates, Inc.

4/1994 - 1/1996


Wrote medical phone dictation system using C, UNIX, Informix, JAM UI and Dialogic hardware.

Applied Information Sciences, Inc.

3/1993 - 11/1993


Sybase SQL stored procedures and ptx/dynix signal handlers for IRS RFP. Researched feasibility of Sybase Open Client for Unisys Mainframe.


Languages (programming & markup): C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, XML, SQL, HTML
Operating Systems: Many UNIX variants, MacOS 9 & X, Windows & DOS.
Databases: Oracle, mySQL, Sybase, Informix
Other: SWIG (for Perl), Platform's LSF

Film Credits

Surfacing Technical Director:  Shrek The Third
Production Engineer:  Flushed Away, Over The Hedge, Madagascar, Shrek 2, Shrek 4-D


BS in Math/Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 1993


Available on LinkedIn.