Hair Chronicles

When I started college in 1988, I had near-waist-length dyed black hair. Part way through college, I decided (and I quote) "get this gothic shit out of my hair". So I went to a hairdresser and they stripped. And stripped. And stripped again. I was left with straw colored hair. They asked me what color I wanted to dye it now. I figured I did black, so the other options were white or red. I chose red and did that for a few years, all the while wishing I could dye it green without completely destroying it.

Eventually, I lopped it to chin length. Then I decided I was going to do what I always wanted to do in college, but never did: dye it green.

I think I started this whole thing around 1997. Now I'm a 30 year old with purple hair.

I'm still kicking myself for not putting dates on any of the first round of pictures. "Yes dear, mommy was completely insane well into her late twenties. No I'm sure your problems have nothing to do with the hair dye, it's probably the Prozac. Shut up and take your Ritalin."

So anyway, I started with blue, because, oddly, I had this notion that blue was the "normal" wierd color to dye your hair, and I wanted to start out slow.

Enjoy. / 9/27/2001