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Free Money or Free Soda... You decide

Have you ever come across a soda machine that will not suck up a dollar bill?  You know, the kind that don't even try?  Well, I know more than a few people who have...  So here's a SimpTip to get that sucker to take your buck (if only for a second) and get a soda...

1 Unplug the offending machine

2 Hang a dollar (or any other paper I suppose) out of the "Bill-Slot"

3 Plug back in the machine

When the soda machine is plugged back in, it will perform a self test.  The self test includes cycling the Bill-Slot grabbing mechanism.  So to make a long story short, the machine spits out the dollar you hung from the Bill-Slot, (obstruction #2) AND.. that's right, the offending bill that jammed the slot in the first place.  Although, I'm still not sure whether that's free money, or a free soda...