About Me


I'm currently the Technology Coordinator for a National Nonprofit Organization in the Metro DC area.  I have to say, of the places I've worked, I'm probably at my peak right now.  The position involves maintaining all aspects of technology for the office.  Everything from the mice on the desktops to Mail/Network Administration, and implementing new technologies (which are coming at me faster than find the white papers).

I must admit, the future looks bright right now.  The organization is currently growing, and growth in the organization equals growth in the area of technology... I will soon find my self learning MS-SQL to maintain multiple in house databases.  Learning SQL will prep me for the next phase... "The Organizational Management System" essentially it's a big beefy SQL database specifically designed to cater to the needs of non-profit organizations.

Myself and a few others have also been working feverishly to finalize the selection of a firm to redesign our web page... Also a phase I project... it's expected to tie into the "The Organizational Management System" in the future for a full  e-commerce solution (yes, it also does secure e-commerce).

more to come...