As much of Feng Shui concerns and revolves about the powerful feng Shui sites and the constant changing of the guard about them, I thought I'd use this page to show a few and list some of the benefits they reward their attuned with.

The Crystal Walkway
On the outer edges of Hong Kong. Named for the resemblence it bears Crystal when the trees are in bloom and covered with dew at the first lightings of dawn. A two mile long path of cobblestone and trees pruned for delicacy and beautific effect. The walkway seems to inspire calm and peace within all those who woke it. Very little is built upon it's borders, but a library stands at one end, near to a lovely little school that seems to collect the brightest of students.

Couples that walk down this lane together fall into happy, loving marriages and the folks that walk it daily seem to spread out into the world and become strong and beneficial leaders of their small communities. A beautiful place and a stable feng shui site, it has of yet lacked notice by the leaders of the Netherwolrd fighters mainly to it's inauspiciousness, and also to their concern with the more fought over sites. Perhaps they feel that this one is of little import to them, until the war has been decided.

Still, the place is lovely, and may not be overlooked for long as it seems to be growing in power as the local children plant flowers and bushes about it. The addition of a stream running through it and a perfectly built bridge seem to have added some aesthetic to it as well. This site may not be able to remain as anonymous if it's power keeps growing as it has.

The Fountain of Tears

In the middle of Hong Kong, downtown is a beautiful fountain upon which, ages ago, a picture of an angel weeping was inscribed by the artistic talents of a young man, and elaborate magic, thought at the time by passerbys to be paint and acid. The painting evokes strong feelings of love and hopefulness, causing the area about it to become a fragile, and delicate feng shui site and drawing to it art lovers and patrons of museums from about the world.

It has yet to be fought over mainly because it's power is not as strong as so many other sites, and is easily overlooked, even within the boundaries of Hong Kong.

It is however very closely situated to the next site mentioned, and the yearly practice of paiting the sidewalks about it, seems to draw the sites closer each year. It is possible that the combining of both sites could make a very large power source.

Our Lady of the Elms Statue and Park

This beautiful statue sits at the entrance to a local park in which kids play, people sit, and a river runs drawing the attentions of passerbys, and gathering the dropped petals of flowers from all over the park. A beautiful place, both peaceful and harmonious, it's design was perfectly structured to gain Chi flow and over the years it has gathered much into it's flowery embrace, becoming a beautiful haven as well as a decently powered site.

More importantly, and perhaps in more recent events, a local children's artistic group has begun painting murals upon the walls of buildings and the sidewalks, stretching it ever closer and closer to the fountain of tears. The imminent combining of these two sites could lead to a massive power burst of Chi coming from this locale of Hong Kong, and it is certain it will catch the notice of every power base in the Secret War. This is something to be monitored and perhaps averted until security is acheived.

Master Tso's Island

An island paradise, small and remote. That, however is the least of it's protections. A powerful Feng Shui site and controlled for as long as anyone can recall, by a leader of the Silver Dragons, Master Tso, an old master strong and wise in the ways of politics and Chi. This island is his home and his stronghold, as well as his entrance to the Netherworld for consultations with The Prof, the Silver Dragon's other leader and advisor.