These are some of my favorite bands, and links to pages about them.

The Sisters of Mercy One of my all time favorite Gothic bands. And a classic one at that.

Concrete Blonde IS by far one of my favorite bands ever. I love them dearl;y and was fortunate enough to see them twice. Once on the Bloodletting tour. Yeah!

Bauhaus Perhaps the original Gothic band. Definitely a classic and now it's members have split off to form Love and Rockets and Peter Murphy has gone solo.

Siouxsie and the Banshees The amazing Siouxsie Sioux. Another Classic. And the graphics are amazing.

Joy Division an old favorite.

New Order Another Old favorite.

The Cure Another classic Gothic band and one I have liked for years and years.

Depeche Mode I have liked for years, ever since People are People, and Blasphemous Rumors.

They Might Be Giants 'nuff said.

The Violent Femmes an Unoffical page, but a great group.

Pet Shop Boys an absolute classic. "Dedicated" is exactly that.

Morrissey and The Smiths 'nuff said.

Projekt a label rather than a band. They are responsible for some of my very favorite bands like Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Attrittion, lovesliecrushing, Love Spirals Downward, Lycia, and Thanatos.

Siddal a beautiful group with breathtaking music. I have seen them twice now and each time have loved them. And here, is another link to a Siddal Page. They are produced by Bedazzled who also produces Strange Boutique another great band. Thelead singer of which , Monica Richards, is now in Faith and the Muse.

Dead Can Dance Another beautiful Gothic Band.

Sunshine Blind They were great in concert and great on CD as well.

Switchblade Symphony Another Beautiful sounding band. And with any luck I will see them (and Mephisto Waltz and Sunshine Blind) at the Boston Convergence in August.

  • Faith and The Muse I was blessed to see them live on the Apparition tour. Wow.

    barbed wire KMFDM Not Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode A great industrial band. Listen and learn.

    Skinny Puppy Unfortunately now defunct with one of it's member's deceased. Their music is amazing.

    My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult 'nuff said.

    Front 242 One of the best (in my opinion anyways) Industrial Bands.

    Front Line Assembly Another classic industrial band.

    Sheep On Drugs Twisted, but fun.

    And if you are seriously into Industrial Music... Check out The Industrial Page 'nuff said.