Some of my all-time favorite movies include...

  • Clerks and Mallrats. If you haven't seen them. You must. Snootchie Bootchies

  • A Room With a View. Not the Hitchcock film, the romantic foreign film. I adore it. But I suppose it could be considered a chic flick.

  • The Crow. Ok It wasn't as good as the graphic novel. But it still blew my mind.

  • Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club. All the Molly Ringwald John Hughs films. *sigh* I grew up on these.

  • St. Elmos Fire, Some Kind of Wonderful. I love them.

  • Dirty Dancing. Partially because it was romantic and silly and sweet. And partially because it was the first film my parents fought over whether I was old enough to watch it. Thankfully I won.

  • Twin Peaks. Both the movie and the series. I was fascinated by it. I did NOT however buy Laura Palmer's Diary. I wasn't that fascinated by it. Sheesh!

  • Romeo and Juliet. The new one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. I thought it was fabulous. I don't care what the dritics said about it. And yes I thought it was fabulous for other reasons than Leonardo and Claire dare gorgeous. I thought they did a wonderful job with the symbolism. And I'm glad they kept it to old English.

  • Henry V. With Kenneth Brannagh. It was fabulous.

  • Much Ado About Nothing. Also with Kenneth Brannagh, and Denzel Washington and Emma Thompson and others.

  • Dead Again. With Emma Thompson and Kenneth Brannagh. I loved that movie.


'kay, well I'm not a huge TV fan, but there are a few TV shows I like.

  • The X-files Okay yeah, who doesn't like X-files. Well I didn't plan on liking it. I read the description of the show, rolled my eyes, and said "how cheesy can you get" and then I actually watched it. Mostly by accident. It happened to be on while I was cooking dinner. And I really enjoyed it. It intrigued me, and after that i was hooked.

  • Friends Okay I admit it. I like the show. It amuses me on a base level. The humor, although hardly elevated, comes on a near constant basis. What can I say, it's kind of like junk food for the mind.

Picture of the
warner borthers, Wakko, and Yakko and the Warner Sister Dot destroying a
script by feeding it to Wakko.

  • The Animaniacs This show amuses me to no end. From the Warners (my favorite being Wakko) to Pinky and the Brain, To Mindy (ok I luv you buh bye). There manicness tends to restore my sanity. This page is mostly sound bites, but has a few great links as well. Hellllllooo Nurse!