Master Tso,

Upon reviewing the files you sent me of the recruits and monitoring their behavior in our city. I have managed to write up some preliminary files on all ofthem to provide you with some basic information of them and their lives. It may help you keep abreast of their progress and what to expect from them.

Nick Patrick A misbehaving cop from the midwest. Has some real problems with authority and closeness. Had one partner for seven years up till a few months ago when the partner and his wife and child were vacationing in our lovely city of all places.

aside note: His partner was actually killed upon his stumbling into a portal fight over the control of a small site between the Lotus and the Guiding Hand. Apparently he spoke and read almost no Cantonese and stumbled into an alcove store across from fast Eddie Lo's triad bar thinking it was a bakery in which he could get rolls for him and his family. The lotus brought forth some nasty magic into the area and his partner was killed. Hong Kong police brought in their SPFQ (Supernatural Police Force Squad) and the entire ordeal was swept under the rug and called a gang shooting on the part of the Triads. Fast Eddie Lo is more than displeased about this.

Mr. Patrick arrived in town the other night. He apparently pulled strings to get here, as he was never quite satisfied with the HK police's explanation of his childhood friend and partner's death. He still keeps in contact with his partner's widow, and he seems to have a deep seeded streak of vengeance ready to erupt. This could be beneficial or detrimental depending on what he learn about his partner's death. I would suggest upfrontness on the subject after he has been made ware of his circumstances. He seems a man who would appreciate upfrontness.

On another aside note: He has had some problems with HK authority. The chief under whom he was assigned has a very lovely young daughter and it seems Mr. Patrick has taken a liking to her and his interest has been returned. This could cause him problems later. Also, his superior is a stickler for regulations and seems to enjoy raking Mr. Patrick across the coals. Another few weeks of tight rules and regulations and I would say Mr. Patrick will be screaming to get loose. Certainly a valuable time to ask for his services. Think on it and let me know how you wish him to be approached.

Shea Abrams Also called Shamus, he's a a veteran of the vietnam war. Signed on underage and spent time in the DMZ. A real loose canon this one. Has friends on the wrong side of lines and the wrong side of town. Crude, crass and unpolished he's used to going his own way with no rules. I don't know how workable he will be or if we have any levers to move him with. But I'll give it a shot. If he could be turned to the cause he might be a favorable ally.

aside note: I would highly suggest keeping both him and Nick Patrick far from all of your female students. Rakes of the first quality these two are and despite their normal better sense many of your students may let pretty faces and foreign accents sweep them away from their training schedules.

Ci Hun Now he is an odd case. As wise and strong in the ways of Chi as he is full of grief for the murder of his student and his love.

aside note: The assassins that were sent after him were actually tracking an escaped Supernatural creature. Buro operatives from the SERU (Supernatural Entity Retrieval Unit) division. Smart creature, it tried to escape by fleeing into a local villa arranged for the training of of students in martuial arts. Unfortunately, his lover was not the only one killed in the mess. Many if his students were killed as well.

After their death he retired from teaching and has spent the past few years doing little of noticable value. Though the Ascended have apparently had their eyes on him for a time. There was mention of him becoming pledged.

aside note: I certainly wouldn't mind stealing him from under their fingers, but he should be watched.