It's all Hallow's eve and for the weekend Primal enters an odd mushwide tinyplot. The following is a log from Open Court during that time. All from the eyes of everyone's favorite ingenue. Dressed in white for the occasion.

Great Hall -- Ground Floor -- Amber Castle

Glowing orbs of light have replaced the flickering torches in their brackets, but the high, arched ceiling is still lost in shadows. From its immense cross-beams, banners carrying the standards of the Nobles of Amber hang, and darkened tapestries showing scenes of hunting still cover the doorways. A massive fire-place stands at either end of the Great Hall, and dark, sturdy benches and tables line the walls. Opposite the double doors is a raised and canopied dais where the dark and ancient Thrones of Amber stands.

Winter's chill permeates even in here, and the window-panes are patterned with traceries of frost. As the afternoon's light turns gold, shadows deepen and pool, and the long day's bustle begins to draw to a close.

There is a heavy guard presence because of the open court in progress.

Obvious exits:
North Doors Main Hall

Random is seated on the Throne, of course, Vialle in the second one at his side, Martin standing a little behind him. The room itself is awash with courtiers in winter finery, trailing egret feathers seeming all the rage these days.

A short, quiet and - from the looks of it - politely amusing conversation goes on between the three members of the Royal family at the Thrones.

Tessa enters, no feathers, no pomp, just a smile and yards of white silk swirling as she pauses a moment at the door to look back over her shoulder back into the hall.

At the Throne, Martin glances up from the King's comment to the door, his position allowing him an unobstructed view of those entering and leaving them.

The glow from the phosperescent orbs flicker momentarily, like candle-flames in a breeze.

Random's eyes are on the door for a moment and he nods, what might be a smile shifting his face a little.

Vialle brightens at something said closer to the Throne, perhaps, and leans the slightest touch forward - turning her head as if to send her blind gaze searching over the crowd.

Juliette's eyes glance across briefly at the new arrival and then there is a slight shrug as she leans back to hear something whispered to her ear by a companion.

Martin continues to stand by the King's side, his gaze drifting idly across the Court, lingering on any one figure for so long as it takes to assess them.

Saiden enters from the main hall.
Saiden has arrived.

A wind rises up, moaning through the gaps between the walls.

Saiden pads into court, attempting to disappear among the crowds of minor nobles.

Random senses "Tessa looks up to you with a smile, and perhaps a questioning glance as she looks from you to the throne and your companions."

You sense Random smiles a bit more and nods to you, as if subtly inviting your approach.

Tessa says a few brief words to someone as they catch her attention and then she moves towards the throne.

Saiden exchanges few words with a noblewoman as he considers faces and people around him.

Random nods to Tessa as she approaches.

Tessa smiles and moves to Random's side as she reaches the throne.

At the Throne, Random says, smiling a bit more, "Good evening, Tessa."

Vialle lifts one hand as Tessa comes near, straightening.

Martin offers his sister a nod by way of greetings.

At the Throne, Tessa smiles extending her hand to Vialle as she does. "Good evening father, Vialle."
Tessa returns a nod to Martin and then gives her hand to Vialle.

At the Throne, Vialle squeezes it lightly, and lets it go. "Good evening, Tessa."

At the Throne, Random asks, "How are you tonight?"

At the Throne, Tessa says "I am quite well. I finished my lessons early."

A faint draught stirs the hangings, musty and ancient.

At the Throne, Random smiles, "Good," he says, "We were just discussing the upcoming Coronation. How would you feel about being officially recognized as a Princess then?"

Martin turns from scanning the crowd to watch his sister speak quietly with the King and Queen, with little more than dispassion evident on his features.

At the Throne, Tessa's eyes widen slightly, surprise registering in the blue eyes. "I'm not certain." she admits quietly, and then her chin rises as her eyes flick briefly towards Martin's visage. "I hope I can do the position proud."

Saiden's attention moves to the throne itself, briefly, regarding those up there with a faint smile, before moving his attention back to a portly gentleman.

At the Throne, Martin's answer is characteristically dry. "You can't do any worse than the rest of this family."

At the Throne, Vialle's expression is, ever so faintly, touched with pride.

At the Throne, Martin 's glace flickers to Random pointedly, then casts back over the crowd, having said all that needed saying on the topic.

Random looks pleased for some reason as he speaks with his family.

At the Throne, Random eyes martin. "You're opinion noted," he says, as dryly as his son.

At the Throne, Tessa's lips tighten slightly but she covers it with a smile. "His faith is ever inspiring." Then she squeezes Vialle's hand once more.

Martin hehs something in reply to the King, his attention apparently once again on watching the court.

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "Oh, the lot of you."
You sense Vialle squeezes back.

At the Throne, Random chuckles, "All in your capable hands, my love."

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "I think my hands are a little /over/full," smiling.

At the Throne, Random laughs a bit, softly but warmly. "Just make sure you leave room for me," he teases.

At the Throne, Tessa chuckles softly. "You'd best learn to juggle Vialle."

At the Throne, Vialle says, "I've tried that." She smiles. "I kept dropping things."

The doors open and two women come barging in, heckling each other as they walk. Harsh speak, stained clothes and handfuls of feathers decorate the one. The other looks just as harsh and has a habit of snorting. "I'm 'ere to see the king!" Demands the first, as beautifully dressed nobles evade their path so as not to be dirtied.

At the Throne, Vialle sighs gently. "Fate tempted."

At the Throne, Martin says, perfectly evenly, "here we go."

At the Throne, Random sighs a bit. "At least they don't have a /baby/," he says.

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "You hope," with the faintest of smiles.

The first woman reaches the side of the throne and throws forth a handfulof matted and bloodied feathers. "You see! You see what she and her dog 'ave done to my birds? I demand she be arrested!" There is a pause as she turns her angry eyes over the crowd and then finally to the second woman who does little save cross her arms over her stomach and snort. "Her dog's a murderin' sort and last night he broke into my pens and routed out every bird I 'ave! Tis over a years earning she's robbed me of! I want payment!"

At the Throne, Random says "Not babies, chickens...."

Random holds up his hands. "Ladies," he says, with admirable contraint. "One at a time." His eyes turn to the complaining woman. "You are?" he inquires.

At the Throne, Martin mutters something along the lines of "...throw them both in a pit and let them fight it out..."

At the Throne, Random fights against the twitching of his lips.

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "Martin, if you'd really prefer to be bear-baiting, I'm sure Tessa could take your place this evening..."

Her chin raises revealing a smudge of dirt under it. "Molly Clarance! I been livin' where I live for more than a score of years and I ain't never seen the likes of a murderin' brute like tthat dog she 'as!"

Purity enters from the main hall.
Purity has arrived.

There is a small sound in one of the shadowy corners, like a muffled cough.

Random nods, sagely. "How long has she had the dog?"

At the Throne, Martin smiles faintly to Vialle. "And miss all the fun here?"

At the Throne, Vialle gives an equally small smile.

Saiden's mismatched gaze moves briefly to Purity as she enters, before drifting back to the throne and the drama unfolding there.

Purity studies the scene after she slips unobtrusively into the back of the Great Hall.

There is another snort from the second woman whose chin lifts as well. her face is not as dirty, but her clothes carry many a stain from soup and other foods. She settles her arms tighter over her chest and gives a worthy glare towards Molly.

Molly herself returns the glare. "Three winters she's had that beast! And three winters it's been a savage brute and a curse to all those of us 'onest folks that live about her! Missy Evans swear by the horn of the Unicorn that dog has given her evil looks! And everyone here knows that the dog pushed young Kylings boy from the tree! That caused him to break an arm and he couldn't work for weeks. That dog's a brute he is!"

At the Throne, Tessa releases a small sigh. "Oh dear. I'd forgotten about the evil eye." she says quietly. "Dogs always give people the evil eye."

Random might be seen to fight back a smile. He turns to the other lady. "You are?"

At the Throne, Martin frowns. "That's wolves, surely."

At the Throne, Tessa offers a faint smile. "Cats climb on little children's chests and steal their breath too."

At the Throne, Martin offers a thin smile to tessa. "That reminds me, no, better not. It's a surprise."

There is a nod from the second woman. "Kaitlyn Moores, your highness. An' me dogs not a murderin beast. Nor will he be doin' any walking at no time soon. For this morn she sent over her boys and they beat him sound good with a club of some sort. He's bruised and bleedin' and won't be fit for walkin' for o'er a month, leaving my house without a guardian all this time."

Random gestures tot he feathers. "How came these to be?"

Purity wanders along the back of the crowd, peering through the people to the scene unfolding before the throne, but not making her way there.

At the Throne, Tessa's lips purse as she looks at the second woman. "You are full of surprises Martin." she says, her voice absolutely flat.

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "Now I remember why we lived underwater."

Purity steps into a shadowy corner.

At the Throne, Martin answers neither Tessa nor Vialle, the suggestion of a smile playing across his face.

Molly just continues her glare then she sniffs. "When I awoke this morning they were spread across my lawn and not a trace of my birds was to be found. Two score birds I 'ad and naught has been seen of them since save these blood matted clumps! Her dog, that beast destroyed my birds. Ate them up bones and all!"

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "Don't bird-bones choke them?"

"Did you or anyone else /see/ the dog attack the birds?" Again, King Random keeps a smile from his lips.

At the Throne, Random mutters, "I can't believe they brought this to /me/."

At the Throne, Tessa whispers. "I'd heard they can, but surely not at all times for I thought chickens often fell prey to foxes or wolves or dogs. They can't die every time."

Molly settles her hands upon her hips. "I'm not here for the chickens. The dog is evil! It should be put down for the safety of all in town!" She settles a glare upon Kaitlyn and then sniffs. "It's probably been spreading the disease that kills too! And it leaps from roof to roof at night. William Meyers! He's seen it!"

Saiden steps into a shadowy corner.

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "Dear, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep a straight face."

Random clears his throat. "You, ah... claim the dog is... possessed by evil?" he asks.

"Me dog's not a killer." Comes the mutter from Kaitlyn. "he's not a killer and last night he was inside all night. I've kept him in with me on nights since my husband went away to war and didn't come back." She narrows her eyes and turns them to Molly again. "You're just plain fool of nonsense and everyone on the street knows you never lock your pen up. Stolen by foxes or anything else, your own dog perhaps but me dog ne'er stepped paw outside the door last night. And your boys aren't to be coming near me house e'er again."

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "I wonder where the boys are."

Random asks, fighting to keep his expression nuetral. "Where are the boys?"

At the Throne, Martin adds, under his breath, "...or the dog."

"They're working." Molly says, firmly. "They cut firewood while they can and with the cords going missing recently their work is needed."

At the Throne, Vialle shifts ever so slightly: digging a thumbnail into her own palm. She does not, however, crack a smile.

Random nods, sagely. "Ladies," he says, seriously, "if there is concern with the dog being possessed, this guard will take you to the Temple of the Unicorn. I am sure they would be /pleased/ to exorcise the poor creature and free him from... whatever ails him."

At the Throne, Tessa frowns again. "Forty birds? I've never known a dog that could eat forty birds whole and leave nothing behind but a scrap of feathers. He'd have to be enormous."

At the Throne, Vialle agrees quietly, "There is that, too."

Kaitlyn Moores frowns a moment then nods. "Would they be willing to wait until he can walk again? Right now 'e does little more than struggle to rise. I 'ad to carry him from the yard to the door."

Random smiles somewhat, kindly, "Of course," he says, "and since he is imobilized, he cannot threaten anyone."

Molly mutters, an attempt beneath her breath and yet it is heard by all. "He threatens all, just by his breath. He needs to be burned he does. Anyone can see that." She sniffs once more and tosses her head. "And what's to be done about my chickens? Two score chickens it was and o'er a years earnings."

Random glances at Molly. "I find it dificult to believe a single dog could break into a pen, that you would have, of course, secured against attacks, and decimate all of the creatures inside."

Kaitlyn snorts and nods.

Random glances at Molly. "is this agreeable to you?" he deadpans.

Molly crosss her arms and sniffs and as she does a few more bloodied feathers release their hold on her hair and dress and drift to the ground. "Of that cursed dog is found to be a demon as any good priest of the Unicorn'll find him I want 'im burned."

"I suppose it'll 'ave to be." Molly say.

Random says, to Kaitlyn, "If the dog is found to be possessed, he shall then be destroyed," he informsher. "Until such a time as a Priest of the Unicorn can acertain his holy status, he shall be confined to the home of his owner."

The glow from the phosperescent orbs flicker momentarily, like candle-flames in a breeze.

At the Throne, Random mutters, "Judgement for the plaintif in the amount of one dog exorcism."

At the Throne, Martin murmurs to Random, "I can't believe you even dealt with these nutters at all."

Kaitlyn nods. "It is your highness. And if he is found to be innocent shall he be returned to me?"

Random nods, "Of course," he says. "The matter is now to be dropped."

At the Throne, Tessa looks up at Random. "They won't murder the dog on principle will they? A thousand witch trial courts would have."

At the Throne, Random says, under his breath, "I doubt it's possesed."

At the Throne, Martin says almost mildly to Tessa, "This is *Amber*, sister, not your country."

Kaitlyn nods. Molly sniffs and then inclines her head. There are some titters about the room and then a shriek errupts from a window by the far side. There is the sound of glass shattering and a wave of breaths being taken. The crowd moves as a whole and there is the flutter of much color as a woman faints and shouts begin.

Vialle lifts her head promptly, paling.

At the Throne, Tessa says "It wasn't just my... uh oh."

At the Throne, Vialle whispers, "Tessa, what's happening? What do you see?"

Random turns his head, almost sharply, towards the noise. He's half-risen in front of Vialle.

Martin 's hand drops to the hilt of his sabre as his gaze swings round to focus on the commotion. He takes a step forward.

At the Throne, Tessa leans forward and whispers to Vialle. "It's a woman. She's fainted. I can't see much else."

At the Throne, Vialle keeps her voice well down, not to distract the two men. "I heard something break."

A man's harsh voice lifts. "Some blasted sort of beast! It damn well clawed at me!" a few figures run forward, bringing smelling salts, then they slow, looking at the curtains as the move around the broken window. More hushed whispers begin and they get louder. "Some sort of creature bit me! I don't care if you believe it. Go look! I daresay you'll find the thing!"

At the Throne, Tessa nods quickly, though she cannot see it. "The window. Something broke the window."

Saiden turns his gaze to the the comotion, a single brow raised inquistively.

Guards move forward to investigate, clearing a path to the windows, weapons drawn.

At the Throne, Random says, almost sharply, "Tessa, take Vialle and go to where the guards are on the side of my Throne. If the creature enters here, you are both to leave through the north door and go to the tower and lock the doors."

"It's him!" Comes the shriek from Molly as she moves closer to the throne, hands beseeching the king. "It's him! The demon beast come to kill us all as your judgement proclaims his death!" There is another shriek and then she faints, falling amidst feathers.

Without glancing back, Martin signals a pair of liveried squires to escort the Queen and Tessa.

At the Throne, Vialle rises from her throne, a neat, quick movement. "Yes, love." She holds a hand toward Tessa.

Vialle rises from her throne in a neat, quick movement, reaching toward Tessa with one hand.

At the Throne, Tessa nods, and taking Vialle's arm she leads her to the side of the guards, standing in front of her as she does.

At the Throne, Random says, a bit dryly, "Well, this is an interesting Open Court."

At the Throne, Martin agrees, "Rabid dogs in the Court is certainly different."

Random stands on the dias in front of the throne, apparently unafraid. His eyes narrow.

Tessa takes Vialle's arm and leads her from the throne around it to a set of guards who quickly stand to defend the Queen.

The guards close in on the broken window, some searching the curtains for a hidden body, others keeping a wary eye on the hurt. One of the guards shout something.

Random gestures to the remaining guards, those not investigatingt he window or guarding the Queen and her step-daughter. "Search the perimeter," he says, swiftly. "Trace whatever it was." He gestures towards the Captian, "Call out an extra battalion to help the search and insure the safety of the city."

Saiden runs a hand through his hair, smiling faintly.

The unconscious woman is awakened by the harsh smell of amonia and she sits upright crying out. "The beast! The beast it will kill us all! fangs, claws! Blood on its lips..." her eyes widen once more and she faints again.

Martin has drawn his sabre, its tip held low and before him as he keeps himself placed bewteen the King and the excitement, scanning the rest of the crowd. "And someone get that woman out of here!" he orders the guard. Guards hurry off, following the bidding of the King, who remains where he is, quick eyes searcing the room.

The woman's head lolls as she is lifted by a man at her side. "Blood." she murmurs in her state. "Blood." she repeats and then is carried from the hall. Soon after the injured man is assisted out of the hall as well by his companions. They reach the hall and almost like wildfire the rumours are heard, flying through the halls and gasps are heard from the halls. "An attack? Blood? a beast? Someone has been killed?"

Random gestures another guard closer, speaking to him in low tones, something about clearing things out. A moment later, the King's voice rings through the hall. "Good citizens and nobles of Amber, please return to your rooms and homes quietly. The situation is under control." The guard he spoke to, along with a few others, begin gently but furmly helping people leave.

Martin steps down from the dais, grabbing ahold of a courtier and relieving him of his sword before sending him on again. He tosses the sword to Random, "Here."

"Control? Control!" Comes a shriek of feminine timber. "Nothing is under control! There is a demon loose murdering people!" There is another flutter of movement and color and a nother couple women faint.

Random catches the sword, easily. He says nothing more to the courtiers, allowing the guards to do their work.

"Women," Martin mutters darkly. "I'll have a look round," he says to Random as he stalks away.

Unfortunately, a few people took the king at his word, or part of it rather and try to exit the Great Hall all at once. With little heed to the fact there are unconscious women in the way. A few are tripped up, cries of pain are heard and finally the guards are able to see the guests securely out.

Random nods absently to his son, stepping down from the dias to study the damage done, albeit from a decent distance.

At the Throne, Vialle murmurs, "It sounds quieter..."

Tessa gently touches Vialle's shoulder. "It is. The hall has been cleared. there is a huge gaping hole in the window and the guards are being sent out to search. Are you alright?"

Vialle whispers "Yes, dear. Nothing's come through the wall, at least."
Vialle smiles a trace to Tessa.

Purity inclines her head in gracious agreement, and proceeds to follow the hysteric crowd at a calm and measured pace, seeming most amused by the situation.

Tessa returns the smile, although the recipient cannot see it.

Martin orders a number of guards and courtiers to his side as he stalks past them, heading out into the grounds.

Purity steps out from a shadowy corner.

Martin goes out into the main hall.

Saiden's expression is somewhat similar to Purity's, though certain calculating curosity accompanies it as well.

Purity has left.

Saiden has left.

Tessa lets out a brief, tense chuckle. "Never boring I must admit. Never a boring night."

Vialle murmurs, "Sometimes I long for boredom."

Random just laughs.

Tessa laughs again and then gives Vialle a brief hug. "I too mother. But perhaps another night?"

Vialle returns that brief hug. "I suspect rather so."

[*** Random had to go so he was icly called away ***] Tessa looks around and then to the guards. "Shall I escort you back to your room with the guards?"

Vialle says, "That might be best." She hesitates. "Your room should be safe enough, shouldn't it?"

Tessa nods quickly. "Oh yes. My room will be safe enough."

Vialle says, "If you're sure, then. If not -" she smiles - "I think you needn't fear about waking your father or me up."

Vialle pauses.

Tessa places a gentle hand upon your arm. "I'll be fine." She laughs softly. "Should I get scared in the middle of the night I promise to come running."

Vialle says, "Perhaps we should stay together anyhow."

Vialle gives a slight smile, her hand lifting to lay over yours.

And suddenly there is a long eerie howl that echoes through the castle halls.

Tessa pauses as well as the howl is heard. "Dear god above." she whispers and brings her hand to the chain at her throat.

Vialle says, "Why don't you spend the night in our apartments? I doubt Random will so much as stop in."

Tessa raises up upon her toes and brushes her lips across your cheek. "I can't be a little girl forever mother. especially not when I'm to be a princess."

Vialle replies, "This has nothing to do with being a little girl, dear." She smiles. "This has to do with your mother being terrified half out of her wits, and truly not much wanting to be alone."

Tessa nods and lays her hand upon your arm. "I'll stay." she says softly.

Vialle murmurs, "You needn't, but it might be safer. Most likely not, but it might."

Tessa chuckles softly. "Most likely, not a whit of sleep shall be seen by anyone."

Vialle says, "I shouldn't doubt it. Not in the slightest."

Tessa laughs. "I suppose I'll get used to it." She says, and then leads Vialle through the guards back to the King's Tower.

[Fade Out]